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Managing bowel leakage: Anal Plug

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The Peristeen anal plug is a simple, safe and discreet aid for faecal incontinence.

For some people with minor leakage of mucus or stool an anal plug will stop the problem. It is designed to be worn inside the rectum to plug the exit from the inside.

The anal plug is wrapped in a water soluble film to ease insertion. It should then be covered with a lubricant and then gently inserted with a finger through the anal canal into the rectum. Once inside the rectum the film dissolves and the plug opens into a cup shape. There is a string attached for removal from the anus. The plug may be left in place for 12 hours.

The plug comes in two sizes and only by trying them will you find the best size for you. The nurse in clinic will provide you with a sample box.

It is easily removed by pulling the soft gauze string attached to the plug. Always remove the anal plug prior to a bowel action. This makes it unsuitable for someone who has frequent bowel movements. It cannot be flushed down the toilet, but must be wrapped in paper or a disposable bag, and thrown away.

The anal plug can cause discomfort in some people, in others they may get a constant feeling of needing to open their bowels.

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