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Low grade lymphoma nurse-led telephone clinic

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This leaflet is for those patients who will be receiving maintenance treatment recommended by the lymphoma team.

Following completion of chemotherapy, the team have offered you a maintenance program of the monoclonal antibody that you received previously as part of your treatment for your low grade lymphoma.

This is given every two months for a period of two years, to delay the need for more treatment.

The nurse led telephone clinic has been set up to reduce the number of hospital visits for you, whilst still having access to experienced lymphoma specialist nurses. We work very closely with your lymphoma consultants, any questions or concerns will always be discussed with them.

How will the clinic work?

Following a clinic consultation where by you will have been consented for maintenance therapy, you will have your first scheduled treatment in the haematology day unit or with the outreach service.

You will be booked into the nurse led telephone clinic, which takes place on a Monday afternoon; this will be a few days prior to your next scheduled treatment. A week before this consultation you will have been asked to have your bloods taken (this can be with your local surgery, at the hospital or any other venue that offers this service).

Structure of the consultation

Your blood results should be available for the consultation, these will be discussed.

You will be asked if you have noted any significant health changes since your last appointment, including night sweats, recurring fevers / infections, noticeable lymph nodes, weight loss and fatigue. If you have concerns these will be addressed and discussed with the medical team. Once it is established that there are no health concerns relating to the lymphoma we will inform you that your treatment can go ahead. The treatment date, time and place will be confirmed with you.

We will also agree the next consultation date, and discuss where and when bloods are to be taken.

Access to the medical team?

The maintenance treatment is given every two months for two years. You will be booked into the nurse led telephone clinic every two months, but you will attend the outpatient clinic once a year to be reviewed by a member of the medical team from the lymphoma service. If you need to see the medical team at any other time, this will be arranged for you.

General information

Please be available for your allocated appointment.

If you have concerns about being available for your appointment time, please call Oncology reception on 01223 216551, they will be able to contact the team for you.

We endeavour to contact you at your allocated appointment time, but please be understanding if this has not been possible. We aim to give every patient the time they need to ensure their needs are met.

Contacts / further information

Lymphoma Specialist Nurses: 01223 596279

Acute Oncology Service: 01223 274225

Haematology Day Unit: 01223 217720

We are smoke-free

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the hospital campus. For advice and support in quitting, contact your GP or the free NHS stop smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169.

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