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Line Change Instructions for Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Patients

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A line change is required if:

  • You have touched the navy-blue end of your Tenckhoff catheter
  • You have dropped your Tenckhoff catheter without the mini cap on it
  • If the Miniset line has a hole/split in it please follow the contamination procedure instructions as well
  • If your Tenckhoff catheter has a hole/split in it: please follow the cut down and contamination procedure instructions instead of these line change instructions.

Equipment required

  • Sterile dressing pack (dressing towel, sterile gloves, swabs, pot)
  • New Miniset line
  • New Mini cap
  • Betadine antiseptic solution
  • Blue clamp
  • Pack of sterile gauze
  • Alcohol wipes

The equipment will be provided to you by the Home Therapies department.


  1. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly
  2. Clamp the Tenckhoff catheter with the blue clamp near to the exit site.
  3. Clean the work surface with spectrum wipes.
  4. Open the sterile dressing pack. Tip out the new Miniset line, Mini cap and gauze onto the sterile towel. Pour Betadine antiseptic solution into the sterile pot.
  5. Use alcohol wipes to clean your hands.
  6. Put on the sterile gloves that are in the sterile dressing pack.
  7. Put the yellow bag and towel that are in the sterile dressing pack under your Miniset line and use as a clean surface.
  8. Soak a piece of the gauze in the Betadine solution and then scrub around the titanium connection for two minutes.
  9. Wrap a different piece of gauze soaked in the Betadine solution around the titanium connection and leave to soak for two minutes.
  10. Using a new piece of dry gauze to grip the titanium connector, unscrew the Miniset line and place it onto the sterile towel on your lap. Do not let go of your Tenkhoff catheter.
  11. Pick up the new Miniset line, pull off the pale blue end and screw the line firmly to the titanium connector.
  12. To prime the Miniset line, remove the blue clamp and open the white twist clamp on your Miniset line. When fluid has filled the line close the white twist clamp.
  13. Remove the transparent cap on the Miniset line and replace it with the new Minicap.
  14. You can now carry out your PD as prescribed.

Non-urgent advice: Please note:

You need to carry out the line change as soon as possible as you cannot do any further dialysis until the line has been changed, which could make you feel unwell.

If you do not follow the procedure correctly you could introduce germs into your line, which could result in peritonitis.

Additional information: to do this procedure yourself, please contact the home therapies team on 01223 400184.

Additional information

If your line has a hole / split in it you need antibiotics to prevent peritonitis, please follow the contamination procedure.

If your Tenckhoff catheter has a hole / split in it you need antibiotics to prevent peritonitis, please follow the cut down and contamination procedure instructions.

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