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Klean Prep® use for children and young people

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About Klean Prep®

What is Klean Prep® used for?

Klean Prep® is a medicine used to clear the bowels of all contents in children who have chronic constipation when their bowel has become impacted (full of stool) and other medicines have not been effective.

How is Klean Prep® given?

The administration of Klean Prep® has to be given under medical supervision. Therefore your child will be admitted to a ward for it to be given. The medicine is given through a nasogastric tube (a plastic tube fed through the nose into the stomach) due to the large volume of liquid that needs to be taken.

Initially, the Klean Prep® will be given over four hours. This may need to be repeated several times until the bowel is clear of all its contents (aiming to achieve watery/ pale brown stools). An x-ray may be performed to confirm that your child’s bowel is clear before discharge.

Can my child eat and drink while on Klean Prep®?

Your child can have jelly, ice lollies, boiled or jelly sweets, mints, soup and small amounts of any liquid while Klean Prep® is being administered. They should not be given any solid food during this treatment.

What monitoring will be done during administration?

All liquids given will be recorded by the nursing staff. It is important that you inform the nursing staff if any liquids have been given other than Klean Prep®. Your child’s bowel output will also be measured and the appearance recorded. It is important to inform the nursing staff when your child opens their bowels.

If treatment continues for more than 24 hours, blood tests may be carried out to ensure that treatment continues safely.

Other medicines and Klean Prep®

Any regular medicines your child takes for constipation will be stopped while on Klean Prep®.

Other medicines should not be taken within one hour of starting Klean Prep®. Please inform your child’s doctor of any other medicines that your child is taking. This will allow your child’s Klean Prep® treatment to be planned around their normal medication routine.

Are there any side effects?

As with other medicines there is a risk of side effects when your child is on Klean Prep®. The risk of side effects is carefully balanced against the benefits of treatment.

Potential side effects can include:

  • skin rash
  • headache
  • vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and rectal discomfort – if these occur the Klean Prep® will be given at a slower rate

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For further information please contact your:

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  • paediatric gastroenterology nurse specialist on 01223 348950

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