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Instructions for your MRSA topical treatment

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Topical treatment should normally last for seven days only.

  1. Mupirocin* nasal ointment – apply three times daily to each nostril for seven days. Apply as directed using a separate cotton wool bud or gloved finger for each nostril and massage nose gently after application. Wash hands on completion.
  2. Octenisan skin cleanser – apply once daily instead of soap for seven days. Apply directly to moistened skin paying special attention to axillae (armpits), perineum and groin areas. Leave in contact with the skin for one minute. Rinse off well.
  3. Octenisan skin cleanser – (approx. 10ml) to be used as a shampoo on the first and fourth days of the treatment.
  4. Clothing / bed linen / towels – if possible change bed linen and towels before starting the topical treatment. Repeat when the seven day course is finished. If possible change underwear daily.

After seven days, stop the treatment, wait for a minimum of two days and then discuss with your GP practice regarding further screening for MRSA.

* In certain circumstances, Naseptin® nasal cream may be recommended instead of mupirocin. This should be applied to each nostril four times a day for ten days. If you have any allergies to peanuts or soya, contact your doctor before applying Naseptin®.

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