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Information about our Assessment Clinics - Clinical Recall appointments

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We consider a visit to this clinic to be the second stage of the screening or follow up process.

It is sometimes necessary to perform further examinations, before a final result can be given.

This recall is the direct result of a symptom or concern discussed with the radiographer during your screening appointment. The majority of women who come to our assessment clinic can be reassured that nothing further needs to be done.

During your visit, a clinician or specialist nurse will discuss your concern and examine you decide what happens next. Further investigations that may be offered.


This is a completely painless examination and uses sound waves not x-rays. It is the method used for scanning the abdomen of pregnant women. A clinician will perform this test which gives them different information from that seen on your original screening or follow up mammogram.


Occasionally further x-rays, some of which can magnify a specific area, are required. These will be performed by a female radiographer and interpreted by our clinical team.

After the ultrasound and/or mammogram our clinical team will explain what we have found. If you do not need a biopsy, you will be discharged on the day.

Needle Biopsy

Sometimes we need to take a small amount of breast tissue to help us make a definite diagnosis. This is called a biopsy. There are alternatives and these will be explained to you. The skin will be numbed with local anaesthetic and a small needle used to obtain a sample.


It takes up to a week to analyse this tissue so you will be offered an appointment to discuss our findings. This could either be face to face or by telephone. Should any treatment be considered necessary, this will be discussed with you at that time.


You may also be invited to participate in research into breast disease. You will be given full information on arrival, participation is purely voluntary and you would be free to withdraw at any time.

A female member of staff will always be present during your investigations.

Administrative Staff

They are here to welcome you and to provide you with assistance as required.


Our team of female radiographers are specially trained and work solely in the field of breast imaging.

Clinicians and Doctors

We have both male and female clinicians (some of whom are doctors) who are all dedicated to breast work.

Breast Care Nurses

We have a team of clinical nurse specialists involved in all aspects of breast work. They are present during these clinics and are available to give information and emotional support when required.

Being part of a teaching hospital other personnel may sometimes be present, if so these will be introduced to you.

We are smoke-free

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the hospital campus. For advice and support in quitting, contact your GP or the free NHS stop smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169.

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Help accessing this information in other formats is available. To find out more about the services we provide, please visit our patient information help page (see link below) or telephone 01223 256998.

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