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How to administer clotting factor via an implanted port-a-cath using non-touch technique

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This information is for parents / carers and patients who are learning to administer factor via an implanted port and using non touch technique.

Equipment required

  • 2x Pre-filled sterile saline syringe
  • Clotting Factor
  • 1x Hepsal ampoule
  • 1x filter needle
  • 3x clinell 2% alcohol wipe
  • 2x 10 ml syringes.
  • 1 x tray
  • 2 x pair of gloves


  1. Collect equipment listed above.
  2. Wash hands.
  3. Clean tray with large Clinell wipes and allow tray to dry for 30 seconds.
  4. Wash hands and put on gloves.
  5. Clean tops of Hepsal and factor with alcohol wipe and allow to dry for 30 seconds.
  6. Break off tops of Hepsal.
  7. Make up Factor as previously shown.
  8. Connect filter needle to the syringe and draw up Hepsal, remove needle and place back in tray.
  9. Draw up Factor with the syringe and place back in tray.
  10. Remove gloves.
  11. Wash hands.
  12. Put on clean gloves
  13. Clean needleless connector at end of Port with Clinell alcohol wipes and wait for 30 seconds to dry.
  14. Hold port line in non-dominant hand and insert syringe into the end of the needleless bung.
  15. Unclamp the lumen and draw back gently until a flashback of blood is obtained.
  16. Remove syringe.
  17. Insert first one saline syringe onto line and flush approx. 3 to 5ml.
  18. Remove syringe.
  19. Insert the syringe with the clotting factor into the needleless bung, administer factor then remove syringe.
  20. Insert second saline syringe into line, administer saline using a pulsating technique then remove syringe.
  21. Insert syringe containing Hepsal into the line and flush 3ml of Hepsal into line using a pulsating technique. Finish with a Hepsal flush under positive pressure i.e. and then clamp.

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