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Event recorder (R-Test)

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What is an event recorder?

An event recorder is a small lightweight monitor that measures your heart rate and rhythm, throughout the day and night. Two stickers (electrodes) are attached to your chest to which the leads from the monitor are connected. The monitor is discretely hidden under your clothing and is about half the size of a small mobile phone.

Before your appointment?

No preparation is required for an event recorder appointment. If possible, please wear loose separate tops and bottoms to allow the physiologist to attach the monitor to you easily.

During the test?

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fit the monitor. During this time, we will check the monitor is working properly, fully explain the test, and answer any of your questions you may have.

It is expected that you will carry out all activities you do during a ‘typical’ day. However, the monitor should be kept clean and dry so you must not take a bath or shower whilst the monitor is attached.

As the monitor must be worn day and night for six days, you will be shown how to remove and replace the monitor each day. Spare stickers will be provided, allowing you to change them daily and should be applied to clean, dry skin, avoiding talc or moisturisers etc.

If you experience any skin irritation from the stickers, please discontinue use and contact the cardiology department on 01223 216990.

If you have been referred due to symptoms (e.g. palpitations) you have been experiencing, you will be provided with a diary sheet. It is important that you record the approximate time and date of any symptoms and include your activity at the time of the symptoms.

After the test?

You will be required to return the monitor the following Monday by 17:00. It is essential that the monitor is returned on time, so it can be used for another patient. The number of monitors available is limited.

It is not necessary for you to return the monitor in person. It may be returned by someone on your behalf.

If you are unable to return the monitor by this time please phone the Cardiology

Department on 01223 216990, to rearrange your appointment.

Any delay in returning the monitor may delay your results. The unit must be returned in good working order and should be clean and dry.

How do I get my result?

When you have returned your monitor, we will analyse your recording and send your results to your referring GP or consultant.

Other important information

Please inform reception of your arrival as soon as you enter the department. There are many other tests being performed so you may not be called in of order of arrival.

You may bring a relative or friend in with you during the test, however, this is dependent on the trusts visiting policy due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You may request a female physiologist to perform your test if you wish. Alternatively, you may also request a chaperone. Please inform the reception staff when you arrive.

If the monitor is being returned over the weekend, it will need to be dropped in the wooden box outside the clinic door. Please DO NOT drop off the monitor elsewhere in the hospital as we may not be able to retrieve it.

Wooden box to drop off monitor outside the clinic on the wall next to a fire extinguisher and a white board.
Event recorder (R-Test) cardiology department map

We are smoke-free

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the hospital campus. For advice and support in quitting, contact your GP or the free NHS stop smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169.

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