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Cognitive identifiers

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The aim of this leaflet

To provide patients and carers with information on what are cognitive identifiers and why they are used within the Trust.

What is a cognitive identifier?

A cognitive identifier is a visual alert to enable staff to recognise people with cognitive problems and give the extra care they need within an acute hospital.

These include:

Picture of visual cognitive identifiers (symbols)
Picture of a yellow flower symbol

They will be offered when:

  • There is an established diagnosis of dementia
  • Been identified as having cognitive difficulties such as confusion
  • An identified delirium

With our cognitive identifiers alerts, we aim to increase staff awareness of people with cognitive impairments and any special needs they may have, thus in doing so, improve the patient’s journey during their stay.

We value both family and carer information, and we would ask if you can help complete the ‘What’s important to me’ poster to provide insight of the patient’s likes and dislikes, who is important to them, what they like doing, as well as what keeps them calm.

There is a guidance sheet to help complete. Please ask a member of staff.

We will only ever use these alerts with permission or in the patient’s best interest.

Please discuss any concerns with the nurse in charge first. For further queries contact the dementia specialist nurse on 01223 768005.

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