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Aerochamber and mask for an infant/child using the tidal breathing method

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  1. Remove the cap of the inhaler.
  2. Shake the inhaler and insert in the end of Aerochamber.
  3. Place the mask on the child’s face (over the nose and mouth).
  4. If the child is happy with the mask on their face, let them breathe in and out slowly five times – known as ‘tidal breathing’.
  5. Once the child’s breathing pattern is well established, press the inhaler down once and leave it in the Aerochamber as the child continues to breathe in and out five times.
  6. Count out loud (one, two, three four and five) at the same time as the child is breathing.
  7. If the child is unhappy with the mask over their face, do not wait until the breathing pattern is established. Instead, press the inhaler once leaving it in the Aerochamber as the child breathes in and out five times. At the same time count out loud (one, two, three, four and five).
  8. Remove the Aerochamber from the child’s face.
  9. For a second dose repeat steps 2 to 8.
  10. Put the cap back on the inhaler.

If you continue to have problems, please contact children’s asthma nurse specialist on 01223 216585.


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