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Advice for breastfeeding mothers after CT contrast injection

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On the day of your CT (computed tomography) examination, you will be given an injection of iodine contrast medium (Visipaque, Omnipaque or Niopam). These agents are low risk contrast agents. A very small percentage of the injected dose enters the breast milk but virtually none is absorbed across the gut of the infant. No special precautions are required and you can carry on breastfeeding as normal. This information is from guidance provided by The Royal College of Radiologists.

You should not experience any after‑effects from this procedure and injection, and allergic reactions are very rare. However, should you suspect you or your child are experiencing any allergic reactions, you should attend your local A&E department explaining that you have recently had a CT examination, which involved the intravenous (IV) administration of iodine contrast. Side effects may happen several hours or days after the administration of IV contrast. Allergic reactions may include:

  • Wheeziness, difficulty breathing or chest tightness/ pain.
  • Skin rash, lumps, itchy spots, blisters on skin or in mouth, red/ itchy eyes, cough.
  • Swelling to face and throat.
  • Dizziness or feeling faint (caused by low blood pressure).
  • Severe skin reactions, such reddish target-like spots or circular patches with central blisters.


Once the images obtained from this procedure have been analysed, a full report will be forwarded to the team / consultant who referred you for this procedure. They will discuss the results with you and organise your follow-up appointment.

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