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Outpatient dietetic services

There are dietetic outpatient clinics for patients attending general medicine, gastroenterology, metabolic, obesity and paediatric outpatient clinics.

Dietitians work alongside consultants in a number of specialist clinics:

  • Diabetes, obesity and endocrine specialist dietitians – manage patients with diabetes, obesity and other endocrine conditions.
  • Cardiology specialist dietitians – manage patients with cardiac problems.
  • Metabolic specialist dietitians –manage patients with metabolic conditions.
  • Paediatric specialist dietitians – are based on the neonatal, oncology, diabetic, ketogenic, gastroenterology, cystic fibrosis and metabolic clinics.
  • Renal specialist dietitians – are involved in conservative management of kidney disease, renal transplant, haemodialysis unit and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) clinics.
  • Liver specialist dietitians – support patients with liver disease and following a liver transplant.
  • Gastroenterology clinics – specific clinics for people with coeliac disease,  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (UC and Crohn’s disease), joint enteral feeding and gastroenterology patients.
  • Oncology dietitians – manage patients with head and neck cancer, maxillo-facial outpatients and follow ups from general surgery.

Dietitians working at Addenbrooke's also provide outpatient services to clinical oncology, the child development centre (CDC) and clinic 1A (genito-urinary and sexual health) and carry out domiciliary visits for patients receiving home enteral nutrition.

Services are also provided to:

  • Home total parenteral nutrition (TPN) clinic
  • Meldreth Manor School
  • Cardiac rehabilitation programme