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Neurosciences (Brain and nerves)

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Our neurosciences directorate provides expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients with complex neurological disorders and head injuries from across East Anglia and other parts of the UK. We provide a comprehensive range of specialist services and use the very latest research and best practice to make sure the care our patients receive is safe, effective and of the highest possible quality.

Information for patients

Based on wards A3, A4, A5, D6 and J2 and within specialist outpatient clinics, our team diagnose and treat all types of brain and spine disorders while also caring for patients with head injuries.

We also provide a wide range of other specialist services, including: A regional epilepsy and functional neurosurgery service, based on video telemetry and deep brain stimulation, a regional service for patients with spinal trauma, specialist oncology services for skull base, spinal and pituitary cancers, a national neurosurgical service for patients with neurovascular condition.

We treat more than 900 patients each year on our neurosciences critical care unit (NCCU), around 100 of which are admitted with severe head injuries.

Highly regarded and well-respected, our specialist NCCU takes referrals from across the world.

The Neurosciences directorate also has facilities are the Brain Repair Centre (BRC), Herchel Smith Building, Newmarket hospital and the Wolfson Brian Imagine Centre