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The Administration team comprises of the Network Manager, Cleft Co-ordinator, Secretaries, Admissions Coordinator and Data Manager.  The team are the first point of contact for Cleft.NET.East. We are responsible for the co-ordination and booking of appointments, surgeries and for answering queries.

As the hub for the area, we facilitate good communication between families, professionals and the spoke hospitals.

Should you or your child experience any issues that you would like to talk through with someone from the Cleft team, please get in touch with one of the Administration team.

Photo of Mary Bance

Mary Bance - Network manager (away on secondment)

Placeholder image of a male staff member

Nathan King - Network Manager (Secondment cover)

Phot of Tiffany Eagling

Tiffany Eagling - Cleft Coordinator

Photo of Ashley Brand

Ashley Brand - Admission Coordinator Pathway Tracker

Placeholder image of a male staff member

Khadijeh Zargar - Data manager

Photo of Sandra Springer

Sandra Springer - Medical Secretary

Placeholder image of a female staff member

Jenny Bailey - Medical Secretary

Photo of Jasmine Ager

Jasmine Ager - Medical Secretary

Photo of Jola Habasslari

Jola Habasllari - Medical Secretary (temporary post)

Photo of Alex Ratliff

Alex Ratliff - Speech and Language Therapy Admin Assistant

Photo of Emma-Jane Everett

Emma-Jane Everett - Spoke Secretary