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Per Hall - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Tariq Ahmad - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Linda Treharne - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Kanwalraj Moar - Consultant Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Kana Miyagi - Cleft Fellow

Clinical Nurse Specialists

A clinical Nurse Specialist is usually the first member of the regional Cleft team that you meet if you have a baby with a cleft lip/palate. We will meet you following diagnosis and referral, whether you have been referred antenatally, or following the birth of your baby. We provide an on call service for new referrals 365 days per year, and can be contacted via the Cleft Office number 01223 596272. Your CNS will introduce themselves to you and will offer you her mobile phone number for you to contact between 9-5 Monday to Friday. If your own CNS is on leave or days off, her mobile phone will divert to another member of the CNS team.

Although based at Addenbrookes Hospital, we offer an outreach service in your local area, including hospital and home visiting. Each CNS offers the specialist nursing service across a defined geographical area within the Eastern Region.

We provide ongoing specialist advice and support regarding your baby's cleft lip and/or palate, from initial diagnosis to the teenage years. We have expert knowledge in feeding assessment and management, pre-and post-operative care, and all other aspects of cleft care.

Tracey Eddy - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lou Harris - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Melanie Lindup - Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist

Mel Lindup - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lou Harris - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lesley Beckson - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Elaine Davidson - Research Professional

Anna Ratcliffe - Clinical Nurse Speecialist

Speech and language therapy

We work with children and adults born with a cleft palate, or difficulties with palate function unrelated to a cleft.

For children born with a cleft palate we monitor progress throughout speech development, with key review points at 18 months, 3 years and 5 years of age. Our aim is to equip children to be confident speakers by the time they start school.

We also liaise closely with local specialist SLTs and services, offering assessment, advice and therapy as needed.

Caroline Hattee - Lead Speech and Language Therapist

Caroline Hattee - Lead Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

George Linford - Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

George Linford - Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Sam Bannister - Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Lucy Southby - Lead Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Leah Moors - Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Hannah Chandler - Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Orthodontics and Dentistry


Rowena Rimes - Consultant Orthodontist

Rowena Rimes - Consultant Orthodontist

Rachael Willis - Consultant Orthodontist & Cleft.NET.East Lead

Jackie Smallridge - Consultant Paediatric Dentist

Andrew Barber - Consultant Restorative Dentist

Andrew Barber - Consultant Restorative Dentist


We provide psychological assessments and interventions to children, young people and adults with a cleft. We work across the 20 year Cleft care pathway from antenatal diagnosis to adults returning to the service.

We also work with families to support them to adjust to and cope with the practical and emotional demands that can come from living with a cleft and any associated treatment.

Our role is to try to minimise the impact that a cleft lip and/or palate and any associated treatment can have on patients and their families’ lives.

Karine Edme - Clinical Psychologist

Ellie Wells - Clinical Psychologist

Eliane Young - Lead Clinical Psychologist

Briony Westgate - Clinical Psychologist


The Medical Photography team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital specialise in photographing patients to produce accurate images that show their medical condition clearly.

Children born with a Cleft lip and/or palate will be photographed at regular intervals. Key points include before and after surgery, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years old, as well as at any other time that your clinician may require photography.

These photographs are used to help preparations for surgery, to track progress of treatment and for audit.

Abbey Staplehurst - Lead Cleft Photographer

Joe Matthews - Imaging Technician

Joe Matthews - Imaging Technician

Imaging Technician


The Administration team comprises of the Cleft Co-ordinator, Secretaries and Activity and Information Manager. The team are the first point of contact for Cleft.NET.East. We are responsible for the co-ordination and booking of appointments, surgeries and for answering queries.

As the hub for the area, we facilitate good communication between families, professionals and the spoke hospitals.

Should you or your child experience any issues that you would like to talk through with someone from the Cleft team, please get in touch with one of the Admin team.

Troy Pullen - Cleft Coordinator

Tiffany Eagling - Admission Coordinator Pathway Tracker

Mary Bance - Network Manager

Kirsty Lagadu - Secretary to Surgeons

Juan-Jose Blasco - Data Manager

Juan-Jose Blasco - Data Manager

Elisabeth Christie - Network Manager

Sandra Springer - Nursing and Psychology Secretary

Sandra Springer - Nursing and Psychology Secretary