You Made a Difference winners - March

31 March 2016
Rebecca O’Shaunghnessy was picked out from 63 nominations for March’s You Made a Difference award for her ‘energy, drive and enthusiasm’ in a successful flu campaign.

CUH finished the flu campaign above the national average and exceeded last year’s total by four per cent. Rebecca, known as Becky to her friends, only started working for Cambridge Health at Work a month before the start of the flu campaign, last July and has already started planning to surpass this year’s total.

Rebecca initially joined as a development officer, leading change projects particularly around Occupational Health systems and processes, but that has quickly evolved into leadership projects and then line managing. From Christmas 2015, Becky has led the non-clinical support team, being instrumental in restructuring and improving culture and climate within the service.

Her winning nomination read: ““Her constant energy, drive and enthusiasm has not only meant we faced the challenges presented to us, but exceeded last year’s take-up rate by 4% (49 to 53%) the highest take-up for the last 3 seasons, finishing above the national average.

Rebecca O’Shaunghnessy with her You Made a Difference award “Becky has already begun forensically investigating what we can learn from this campaign and is planning the next! Becky will say it has been a huge team effort, not least from the 100 plus vaccinators, which it has, and we are very grateful to all of them…but, Becky has driven the programme brilliantly and not rested until it finished.”

The YMAD scheme has been running since March 2009 and aims to help us turn the spotlight onto staff who ‘make a difference’ and embodies the Trust values of Together – Safe, Kind and Excellent.

The other winner for March, Shannon Carter, a clinical leader in theatres, was on annual leave on the day of the presentation and will receive her award next month. 

The other nominations for March were: 

Ana Rita Abrantes, Staff Nurse, Ward D9 
for your caring attitude and professional behaviour towards a patient

Karen Blesic, Research Nurse, Rheumatology 
for making a patient feel cared for and showing that nothing was too much trouble                                            

Maria Bone, Booking Coordinator, Cardiology 
for going above and beyond the duties of your role during a difficult period of time                                                         

Paul Boraks, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Apheresis Unit, Oncology, x2 nominations
for always going above and beyond for patients, relatives and staff
for reassuring patients, greeting them with a smile and treating them in a caring manner                                                          

Elizabeth Brinkler, Registered Nurse, Rosie 
for going above and beyond for a patient          

Sarah Brown, Housekeeper, Medirest 
for reassuring and comforting a distressed woman                

Carol Marie Brown Clark, Nurse, Discharge Lounge DSU Level 2 
for your friendly and cheerful attitude in your work                                              

Alberto Cala, Ward Manager, Sara Ward 
for your outstanding kind, safe and excellent care                            

Saoirse Daly, Staff Nurse, Oncology Day Unit 
for finding ways to improve patient experience and being a valued member of the team          

Teresa Doyle, Staff Nurse, Ward F6 
for being extremely welcoming and supportive to a new member of staff                                       

Helen Dufton, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy & Sterile Services
for your positive attitude, high standards of care and persistent kindness  

Karen Ellis, Healthcare Assistant, Ward L5 
for showing great kindness, consideration and empathy towards a patient                                      

Sarah Fell, Healthcare Assistant, EAU3 
for helping to reassure a patient during a worrying time                     

James Fletcher, Head of Medical Electronics, Clinical Engineering
for being kind, efficient and knowledgeable during a very busy week        

Celeste Formenton, Staff Nurse, Ward C7
for being caring and reasonable towards a patient throughout their stay

Lauren Fost, Staff Nurse, Ward M5 
for always working hard to make a difference to your patients                                                 

Diane Garnett, Ward Clerk, Ward A3 
for always being cheerful and helpful                

Christopher Gooding, Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon, Trauma & Orthopaedics
for ensuring patient safety was maintained and also supporting your junior colleagues                                                 

Jack Gooding, System Administrator, Information Technology 
for being very helpful in sorting issues, responding promptly and politely  

Susan Greenway, Sister, Clinic 4/4a, for your efficient preparation
for ensuring your staff were thoroughly prepared the CQC re-inspection  

Bianca Hansen, Staff Nurse, PICU
for going out of your way to ensure parents feel much better about their child's treatment                                 

Jean Haslam, Junior Clinical Fellow, Urology
for always being kind and considerate to patients and colleagues   

Aida Heath, Staff Nurse, Eye Surgery Unit 
for helping a patient feel relaxed about their surgery              

Indira Horil Roy, Staff Nurse, Day Surgery Unit 
for always helping new staff and patients                                 

James Horner, Healthcare Assistant, Ophthalmology 
for your dedicated and enthusiastic work in undertaking a substantial equipment review                                                          

Rachel Housden, Sister, Clinic 10 
for your on-going support over the last year, this has enabled the Head and Neck service to be maintained                                             

Sarah Jackson, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C7 
for going above and beyond to help another colleague          

Sarah Jefferies, Consultant, ENT - Clinic 10 
for continually providing outstanding care for your patients and their families      

Arek Jereczek, Housekeeper, Medirest
for being friendly and always helping your colleagues                       

Pauline Kleanthous , Secretary for Breathlessness Intervention Service,  Palliative Care 
for the positive impact that you have on patients and staff members alike                                                  

Artur Kowalczyk, Student Radiographer, Nursing Projects Office 
for being an example to follow in embracing diversity in the workplace      

Fred Marlowe, Diagnostic Radiographer, Radiology, x2 nominations
for being great at teaching students and making time for them
for being a great radiographer and a good teacher      

Demi Marsh, Contact Centre Agent, Contact Centre 
for your positive welcome to each visitor to the Trust                           

Lisa Mason, Receptionist, Ward K2 
for always being so kind, considerate and helpful to everyone you meet and going beyond what is expected of you                   

Christopher Mee,  Staff Nurse,  Ward L5  
for going over and above your role in helping both patients and staff                    

Lynda Mills, Ward Manager, DSU   
for being supportive, friendly and helpful          

Doreen Milne, Clinical Trials Nurse, Clinical Trials Unit
for providing an exceptional amount of encouragement to your staff                                                          

Eva  Nabbanja, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Neurosurgery 
for being clear, kind and knowledgeable                                   

Emma Northfield,  Recruitment Administrator Co-ordinatorPerioperative Care Services
for going above and beyond and supporting a colleague during a tough time                                                      

Debbie Northfield, Administrator, Day Surgery Unit 
for being reliable and hard working at all times                        

Andrew Oppong, Healthcare Assistant, Eye Surgery Unit
 for helping a patient feel relaxed about their surgery 

Jorge Palmeiro, Bank Administrator, Staff Bank (DSU L2
for always being helpful to staff and patients    

Alisdair Parker, Consultant, Paediatric Neurology 
for being reassuring and giving good advice    

Rebecca Parr, Staff Nurse, Ward M5 
for your kindness and support and wonderful care shown to a palliative care patient      

Sherri Pettican, Medical Secretary, Orthopaedics 
for tirelessly helping a patient with requests and going above and beyond to support them

Samantha Petty, Clinical Specialist in Critical Care, Physiotherapy 
for cheering up a patient who'd had a tough time        

Jade Punter, Healthcare Assistant, Oncology
for being caring and helpful towards a patient              

Alith Quebec-Greenhill, Phlebotomist, Pathology Clinical Services 
for being caring, professional and skilful           

Adnan Rana, Junior Clinical Fellow, Trauma & Orthopaedics 
for quietly going above and beyond your role without prompt           

Adam Rathbone, Clinical Respiratory Physiologist, Clinic 2A 
for the positive experience that you provided a patient with, showing professionalism and kindness                          

Rebecca Richards, Receptionist, Clinic 32 
for being helpful and making patients feel looked after          

Rosemary Rusk, Consultant, Cardiology 
for going over and above for her patients

Sarah Ryley, Moving and Handling Practitioner, Moving and Handling 
for your exceptional assistance in caring for and mobilising highly dependent patient                                                   

Ana-Marie Sapon, Ward Manager, Ward F4 
for your leadership in running your ward showing kindness in your care  

Jacqueline Smith, MDT Coordinator, Vascular Services 
for being the key lead in reducing the waiting times for patients       

Sarah Urschel, Staff Nurse, Ward D8 
for being an amazing nurse who is supportive to colleagues and patients             

Sarah Warner, Midwife, Sara Ward 
for your quick and efficient care                          

Mark Welford, Healthcare Assistant L3, Ward A5
for being caring and compassionate                   

Chris Whitt, Physiotherapy Assistant, Physiotherapy
for changing someone’s life with your excellent guidance and coaching