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You Made a Difference awards - April

29 April 2016
Samantha Petty, a physiotherapist in critical care, and clinical scientist Stephen MacDonald were the very deserving winners of April’s You Made a Difference awards.

The awards shine a light on staff members who embody the Trust’s values of kind, safe, excellent and both Samantha and Stephen did that in spades to stand out among the 32 nominees.

Samantha Petty stands proudly with her You Made a Difference in front of her colleaguesSamantha received her award for enabling a patient who had been ventilated on ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for more than 100 days to go home to celebrate his 80th birthday with friends and family. This required the patient to be transferred on a ventilator both to his home and back to the hospital. To the best of the knowledge of the ICU doctors, this is the first time this has been done for a CUH patient.

Stephen received his award for coming in from home in the middle of the night to perform a crucial blood test on a 24 weeks’ pregnant lady, even though the test is not usually done during ‘out of office hours’ and he had already worked a full day. The obstetric and haematology teams needed the results of this test to decide how best to treat the patient and Stephen ‘made a life and death difference to her care in his usual cheerful way with a smile on his face.’

Stephen has worked at CUH for 15 years, firstly as trainee clinical scientist in Haematology before  he became a qualified clinical scientist in the specialist Haemostasis Unit within the Cambridge Haemophilia and Thrombophilia Centre in February 2006. He was one of the first Haematology clinical scientists to complete his FRCPath part one by examination and go on to complete part two. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2012.

Stephen MacDonald receives his award from CEO Roland Sinker and director of workforce David WherrettSamantha began her role at CUH in 2008 and her current role includes the provision of highly specialised respiratory care both within the scope of Physiotherapy but also outside of the scope of a physiotherapist.

In her extended role Sam plays a key part in the weaning of patients from mechanical ventilation.  She also acts as a frontline resource for the nursing staff managing ventilated patients, especially those deteriorating from a respiratory aspect and provides appropriate interventions to this patient group.

Irum  Amin, Specialist Registrar, Transplant Surgery,
for your great empathy and dedication to patient care

Kerry-Anne  Barber, Staff Nurse, Ward C8,
for coping brilliantly under pressure and continuing to care with a smile on your face. 

Christopher Beard, Clinic Administrator, Nuclear Medicine
for regularly going above and beyond your job role to improve patient care 

Amos Burke, Consultant, Paediatric Oncology
 for being extremely gentle, understanding and patient

Jeffrey Cabusora, Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
for your reassuring and efficient care of a patient

Amy Chapman, Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service at The Oasis
for outstanding dedication and commitment to improving a patients care

Carol Clark-Brown, Healthcare Assistant, Discharge Lounge DSU Level 2 
for working in a friendly and cheerful manner

Rajendranath Daby, Staff Nurse, PSSU
 for showing immense commitment to the success and excellence of students

Lenka De Castro, Phlebotomist, Pathology Partnership
for showing great kindness and compassion to a very nervous patient

Becky Dunlop, Junior Sister, NCCU
for providing clear explanations and regular updates to a patient’s relatives

Emma Farrell, Midwife, Midwife Maternity Services
for your professionalism and understanding towards patients and staff 

Wendy Fraser, MDT Coordinator, Cancer
for going above and beyond to ensure patients appointments are dealt with efficiently

Merlvin Jose, Porter, Endoscopy
 for always being willing to help, using your initiative and supporting your colleagues

John Kay, Porter, Estates and Facilities
 for always being happy to help even during the busiest of times

James King, Radiographer, CT Scanning and Angiography Department
 for providing excellent and efficient treatment to a patient

Harriet  McEwan,  Research Governance Co-Ordinator, Division D,  Research and Development
for going above and beyond to assist in a staff members research

Alahna McKay, Registered Nurse, Ward D8
for maintaining a kind, safe and excellent demeanour when faced with tough obstacle during a shift

Anna McNeela, Senior Sister, Emergency Department
for always leading by example by being approachable and kind

Sawcutally Mohamudally, Acting Charge Nurse, AME/FAU,  x2 nominations
for being very approachable and positive towards new students and starters
 for your dedication and support to new students and members of the team

Eva  Nabbanja, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Neurosurgery  
for your gentle efficiency and constant awareness of the patients on your ward

Jonathan Northrop, Paediatric Programme Administrator, Postgraduate Medical Centre 
for always having time for colleagues, always going the extra mile and always being willing to stay late

Eleanor Peyerbrune, Staff Nurse, Ward D6  
for assisting staff in your own time, going above and beyond your role for the benefit of patients and staff. 

Tom Porter, Physiotherapist, Cambridge Health at Work
for using expert experience and knowledge effectively in your treatment of a patient

Ben Pullar, Senior Clinical Fellow, Urology  
for providing tremendous kindness and dedication to a patient

Ritche Quindipan, Senior Charge Nurse, Ward A3 Neurosciences 
 for leading a knowledgeable and cohesive team despite challenges over the last year

Sara Robins, Senior Clinical Nurse, Medicine 
for always being approachable and helping patients and your colleagues

Jackie Sellens, Maternity Care Assistant, Lady Mary Ward  
for meeting every request from a colleague positively

Jo Timson, Head of Corporate Communications, Communications  
For organising the 250th Anniversary event on March 20th

Michelle Ward, Contact Centre Agent, Contact Centre  
for being a fantastic colleague that always goes above and beyond for your patients