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You Made a Difference award winners - August

13 September 2017
Dedication earned Dr Harry Mee ‘You Made a Difference’ award for August.

A trainee registrar in rehabilitation medicine who excels in his compassion towards both staff and patients Dr Harry Mee’s role involves looking after trauma rehabilitation and neuro-rehab patients on ward J2. He picked up his award from the chair, Dr Mike More after being praised for his kind nature and ‘can do’ approach.  

An extract from the winning nomination said: “Harry always finds time to show empathy and build strong relationships with patients and their relatives; we often receive phone calls, out of working hours, from Harry enquiring about his patients’ status. His dedication towards each patient on the ward is always above expectations and this is regularly mentioned by patients in their feedback.. He is very supportive towards all staff and shows appreciation for their hard work.”

Harry was delighted with the award, adding: “Thanks to everyone who nominated me for the award. Ward j2 and the rehab team have been so accommodating and the best teams I have ever worked in.”

Tristan Mynott rewarded for his excellent communication skills!

Giles Wright, Head of Health at Work, said “Tristan always makes staff and patients welcome. Even in challenging situations, he embodies the Trust’s values.

The rest of the nomination read “Tristan is a brilliant employee. I have overheard the way he talks to visitors and I am always impressed  at how he treats them with such respect, knowledge and confidence. He is incredibly genuine and is always willing to go above and beyond expectations. He is on an apprenticeship at the moment, but I hope he gets taken on permanently. It would be a great shame if Cambridge Health at Work lost such a valuable member of staff.”

Since the nomination, Tristan has been given a permanent role within the department to continue his career with Cambridge Health at Work. 

Tristan added: “It was a big surprise and came as a great honour to be awarded.”


The other nominations for August were:

Jane Anderson, Consultant, Neurology
For always reassuring your patients and putting them at ease

Kate Armon, Consultant, Paediatrics
For your passion towards your job and helping your patients

Harriette Attridge, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C5 Renal Unit
For quickly responding to patient requests

Girish Badiger, Staff Nurse, Ward R2
For your professionalism and positivity with challenging patients

Jessie James Balba, Staff Nurse, Ward A3
For your quick reactions and protecting patients

Layla Barker, Theatre Support Worker, Theatres
For being proactive and your dedication to your role

Lindsay Barthrop, Healthcare Assistant, Staff Bank (Ward D8)
For encouraging and supporting new colleagues

Ivy Bell, Junior Sister, Ward A5   x5 nominations
For supporting your team and providing strong management

Damian Brown, Foundation House Officer, Emergency Assessment Unit
For supporting your inter-professional team and your patients

Simon Bulley, Specialty Registrar, Oncology
For going the extra mile and always thinking about your patients

Zoe Carter, Healthcare Assistant, Ward F6
For going above and beyond for your patients

Maria Chiparo, Staff Nurse, Ward K3
For your cheerful disposition and willingness to learn

Janette Clark, Nursery Nurse, NICU, Rosie
For considering all your patient’s needs

Sue Creasy, Junior Sister, Paediatric Emergency Department
For calming and reassuring your patients during difficult times

Lisa Davidson, Sister, EAU 3
For your care and professionalism

Ana De Sousa Peres, Senior Sister, Ward M4
For making your ward a great place to work

Isabel Dos Santos Carvelho, Recovery Support Worker, Main Recovery
For the dedication to your patients

Catherine Dye, Staff Nurse, Clinical Oncology
For advocating for your patients and always putting their needs first

Agnes Dziwirek, Staff Nurse, Ward R2
For your caring and comforting nature with patients

Theo Evans, Foundation House Officer, Oncology
For expediting discharges, thus benefiting patients and the Trust

Elezon Evora, Staff Nurse, NCCU
For always going the extra mile for your patients

Rebecca Fielding, Staff Nurse, Ward A5
For your patience and professionalism when dealing with challenging patients

Jo Franklin, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Palliative Care
For caring for patients and their families at a distressing time

Alex Giasemidis, Social Worker, Social Services
For going the extra mile to increase patient discharges whilst focussing on patient care

Sally Ginn, Medical Secretary, Oncology    x2 nominations
For you exceptional communication and willingness to help

Andrea Glass, Staff Nurse, Ward M4
For empowering your patients to be independent

Jack Gooding, IT Project Support, Information Technology    x2 nominations
For your patience and support and always supporting your colleagues

Ian Grant, Consultant , Plastic Surgery
For your caring and understanding nature

Sarah Gray, Receptionist, Oncology

Rizza Guerra, Clinical Leader, Main Theatres
For personifying the Trust values at all times and being a fantastic role model

Smita Gunda, Consultant, Nephrology (Kings Lynn)
For supporting your staff and enabling their development

Rosa Hatt, Healthcare Assistant, Ward G4
For always helping with a smile

Gareth Hayman, Operations Manager - Division A
For the dedication to your work without compromising patient care

Diane Hegley, Occupational Health Nurse, Cambridge Health at Work
For being a role model to staff, improving their confidence and always being considerate of their needs

Gary Hill, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Ward M4
For always putting your patients first

Natalie Howlett, Ward Clerk, Ward A4
For always going above and beyond with enthusiasm, supporting patient and colleagues

Charlie Hunt, Domestic, Medirest/Ward D3
For your effortless attention to detail

Alex James, Staff Nurse, ATC and MT Recovery
For your care and compassion towards patients and their families

Megan  Jones, Maternity Care Assistant, Sara Ward
For reassuring patients and empathising with them

Matija Krkovic, Consultant, Trauma and Orthopaedics
For providing high quality care and aiding recovery time

Teresa Leto, Staff Nurse, Ward L4
For helping patients and keeping them informed

Julie Linton, Administration Officer, Clinical Radiology
For championing patient care and putting them and your team at the heart of all you do

Chloe Livermore, Healthcare Assistant, Ward G5 - Transplant Unit
For supporting your patients and making their stay more pleasant

Tara Llewellyn, Divisional Lead Nurse, Paediatrics
For going out of your way for your team to support them with enthusiasm and cheerfulness

Elizabeth Malubay, Ward Clerk, Ward D7
For being kind, thoughtful and efficient

Donna Mancaniello, Staff Benefits Administrator
For supporting your team and encouraging them

Howard Martin, Clinical Scientist, Genetics Laboratory  x2 nominations
For your support to the admin and inter-professional team

Colin Mason, Consultant, Department of Medicine for the Elderly     x5 nominations
For always supporting your students, enabling them to receive the best training

Emma McCorkell, Administrative Assistant, Genetics Laboratory
For your hard work and maintaining high standards of care during difficult times

John Metcalfe, Trainer/Facilitator, Learning and Development
For supporting and welcoming new colleagues

Wendy Moss, Administrator, TYA Oasis Centre/Clinical Oncology
For your empathy and support for patients and their relatives

Stephen Moss, Consultant, Gastroenterology
For always supporting patients and staff, enabling them to develop their knowledge

Sarah Newport, Staff Nurse, Ward C5 Renal Unit
For raising patient morale

Alan Norrish, Consultant, Trauma and Orthopaedics
For providing thorough care plans and displaying the 6 C’s

Emma Northfield, Peri-Ops Recruitment Administrator, Main Theatres
For being committed, helpful and kind and helping to fundraise for a sick colleague

Temiloluwa Ogenleye, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Cellular Therapy Laboratory
For not compromising patient care during difficult times

Adrian Olaru, Healthcare Assistant, Ward G6
For always going above and beyond to help

Lauren Payne, Healthcare Assistant, Emergency Department
For your kindness and empathy to all your patients and their families

Georgie Peach, Healthcare Assistant, Staff Bank
For your help and professionalism with patients

Hannah Philp, Senior Clinical Specialist Practitioner, Physiotherapy
For always providing a thorough and professional service

Cherry Pincott, ATC Receptionist, Staff Bank
For your reliability and professionalism

Stacey Pontin, Staff Nurse, Ward D6 – Neuro
For always putting patient safety first

Roderick Prawiradiradja, Specialty Registrar, Gastroenterology
For reassuring patients and your professionalism

Jocelyn Quilente, Junior Sister, EAU 5
For going out of way to care for your patients, even at busy times

Joanna Racher, Maternity Support Worker, Rosie Birth Centre
For using your initiative to develop carry bags for midwives on the RBC

Jack Richardson, Senior Service Desk Agent, Information Technology
For responding promptly to queries

Karen Richardson, Biomedical Scientist, Cellular Therapy Laboratory
For consistently demonstrating dedication and maintaining standards

Edgar Rodrigues, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy
For going above and beyond what is expected of you

Anand Sardesai, Consultant, Anaesthetics
For always going above and beyond in all situations

Helen Scharf, Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
For always providing an exemplary standard of care

Kathryn Sharrocks, Specialty Registrar, General Medicine
For taking the time with patients and reassuring them

Sharon Shipp, Lead Midwife, Delivery Unit, Rosie
For respecting your patient’s wishes and always going above and beyond for them

Pasupathy Sivasothy, Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
For consistently going above and beyond in all aspects of your work

Amy Smith, PALS Manager, PALS
For assisting colleagues and providing additional support

Katie Spiers, Clinical Clerk/Receptionist, Clinic 2
For your professionalism and putting patients first

Jo Stephens, Specialist Clinical Specialist, Physiotherapy
For your outstanding care

Sarah Stevens, Ward Manager, Ward C7
For positively impacting on staff morale and encouraging your team to develop

Gemma Stubbs, Staff Nurse, MDU 4
For your friendliness, professionalism and care

Justyn Thomas, Consultant Registrar, Dermatology
For your kindness and understanding

Ivan Timofeev, Consultant, Neurosurgery
For giving your patients confidence and aiding their recovery

Chris Tite, Janitor, Car Park 2
For putting safety first and exemplifying the Trust values

Elspeth Toy, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy
For always offering to help, even at busy times

Carl Whiffen, Healthcare Assistant, Ward G3
For your holistic patient centred approach to care

Janet Wright, Medical Secretary, Oncology
For your many small actions over the years to make a difference to cancer patients

Clarence Yapo, Staff Nurse, Medical Decisions Unit     x3 nominations
For supporting and helping new colleagues and patients