Could you help us train tomorrow’s doctors?

21 May 2019
We are looking for people that would be willing to talk to a pair of medical students about their experience of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and your baby is due to arrive between November and early March, you may be interested in taking part in a programme in which medical students from Cambridge University learn from pregnant people. The visits are completely confidential and your name will not be mentioned in any coursework, nor will they be examining you at any time.

This part of the third-year students’ course is one of the most popular studies in their Preparing for Patients course. It enables them to gain a broader, more personal knowledge of how being pregnant and having a child affects you and your family. It helps them to connect their studies and lectures with real life.

You will have two students visit you, preferably three times during and once after your pregnancy. The visits can be at your home, the hospital or where ever fits in with you. Of course, no-one is obliged to take part in this teaching and if you would rather not, it will not affect your medical care in any way.

I am interested in taking part