Lab evacuated as precaution

02 September 2019
At 11.20am today (Monday 2 September) our Operations Centre received a report that an unconfirmed substance had been spilled in our laboratory block.

The fire and rescue service was contacted and, as a precaution, the building was evacuated. Currently no patient services are affected.

Six members of Addenbrooke's staff have been treated in A and E for respiratory issues. They are now medically well and continue to be monitored.


Update 2nd September 4.45pm

The chemical leak incident at the laboratory block at Addenbrooke's Hospital earlier today has been scaled back and some of the emergency appliances have now left the scene. A specialist unit is now on site to conduct further monitoring. 

No patient services have been cancelled or suspended.


Update 2nd September 5:51pm

We are satisfied the immediate situation has been resolved.

Our patients and staff are safe, and we will continue to monitor the laboratory block.

Once again, our thanks to all staff involved and the emergency services for their professional response.


Update 3rd September 5:17pm

Hospital returns to normality. 

All services are back up and running as normal at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, following yesterday's chemical incident. 

The six staff who reported to A&E with respiratory symptoms are back at work, and we have thanked the fire fighters who were here long into the evening to ensure the on-going safety of the laboratory block. 

Their ventilation strategy was so successful that monitoring equipment brought in from Oxfordshire at the end of the day was unable to identify the chemical involved. The results, coupled with the further inspection work, meant staff were this morning able to return to the building and continue with their vital work. 

We are extremely grateful for the patience, understanding and professionalism throughout this incident.