You Made a Difference winners - August

19 September 2016
Andy Read, a development mechanical craftsman, and senior sister Vicky Carr were the winners of August’s You Made a Difference award.

Andy joined the Trust’s Estates and Facilities Department in January 2014 and has impressed his managers with his dedication and hard work.

Andy Read stands proudly with his You Made a Difference award His winning nomination read: “Ward C2 has a zero dust policy and trying to maintain the vents and grills is a very complicated and time consuming exercise. 

“Andy has taken care of a majority of the ventilation maintenance on the ward and has come up with methods to make this arduous job more efficient. 

He has created an extremely simple but effective invention that allows a vent and grill to be removed in a matter of seconds without any spill, mess or disruption, enabling him to take it away from the ward where it can be cleaned and put back into service. Because of this, it is less likely to affect the very ill children on the ward.”

Vicky, who qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1998 and has worked within adult critical care since 1999, joined CUH as a senior sister on the John Farman Intensive Care Unit in July 2015 and has been quick to impress.

Her winning nomination said:  “Vicky put a lot of hard work and extra hours in to organise a memorial service for families who had lost someone across critical care. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and both staff and relatives were touched by the service. One could tell how grateful the relatives were and how important this service has been in helping them to gain closure and cope with their grief and loss

Vicky Carr receives her award from CUH CEO Roland Sinker in front of her colleaguesI believe that Vicky has made a massive difference to the people who attended.  Thank you for organising such a lovely, intimate, pleasant moment which was very much appreciated by us all.”

August's nominations were:

Ahid  Abood,  Consultant,  Plastics,  
for being very accommodating to a patients needs

Samuel Ackerley, Physiotherapist,  Physiotherapy,  
for encouraging a patient to mobilise better than he had ever done

Sophie Aldred,  Personal Assistant,  Workforce Directorate,  
for always being so polite and helpful

Charlotte Allin,  HCA,  D8, 
for being a key member of the team, making a lasting impression on patients and being an amazing HCA

Michelle Ambrose,  Staff Nurse,  D6 Haematology,  
For being supportive, and compassionate to patients and staff

Jeffrey  Apuyan, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For showing care and respect to patients

John Archer, Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  x2 nominations
For up holding the values of safe, kind and excellent.

Charlie  Arthur, Porter,  Portering Services,  
for being fantastic, kind and supportive

Eleanor Atkins, Speciality Registrar,  Accident and Emergency,  
for showing excellent professionalism and compassion when caring for a patient

Viv Beattie, HCA,  DSU,  
For being a helpful and lovely person who works well in her team

Alex Boden, Junior Sister,  D8, x2 nominations
For managing the ward well, working as part of a team and being a fab sister
for being an amazing Sister and mentor, constantly supporting, encouraging and complimenting every member of our team

Jazmin Butler, HCA, F6,  
For being caring, reassuring and professional with patients

Francesco Castorino,  Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being respectful to elderly patients, making time for them and ensuring they are looked after properly 

Gracia Cayanan, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For always smiling and making time for every patient

Hannah Chaplin,  HCA,  F6,  
For being an exceptional team member who is always willing to help

Natalie Clayton,  Maternity Care Assistant,  Delivery Unit,  
for giving your time and help to a patient

Graham Cone, Radiographer, Radiotherapy,  
For giving a patient and his family invaluable peace of mind

Helena Cowdrey, Staff nurse, Ward M5,  
for providing highest quality of care possible and all times

Rachel De La Rue, Research Nurse, S4,  
For going above and beyond in supporting a colleague 

Jackie Deans, Healthcare Assistant,  Day Surgery Unit,  
For always striving to do the best for your patients

Jamie Denny, Painter, Maintenance,  
For being very polite and courteous in a busy department

Cosimo Di Maggio, HCA, Ward C8,  x2 nominations
For providing great care

Ana Domingos, Pacemaker/Device Technician, Ward K2, 
 for being a kind, thoughtful and hard working member of staff.

Teresa Doyle, Junior Sister, F6,  
For listening, caring and going the extra mile for her patients and staff

Jo  Dunn, Ward Manager,  Ward L5,  
For being organised, fair and striving for the best for both patients and staff.

Helen Fenton, HCA,  F6, 
 For being caring and taking time with a patient

Carla Figueiredo, Sister, F6,  
For being conscientious and helpful 

Letizia Filippone, Midwife, Sara Ward,  
for providing outstanding care and support to a patient

Alessandra Fiorini, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being professional, caring, compassionate and respectful to patients

Laura Fopp, Surgical care Practitioner ,  Plastic Surgery ( Breast Reconstruction) ,  
for being a delightful colleague and an asset tot  team

Martha Ford, Staff Nurse, ED,  
for showing a true act of kindness during a difficult and emotional time.

Jo Franklin, Specialist Palliative Care Nurse ,  Palliative Care,  
For ensuring a young family had treasured memories of their daddy.

Mary  Fraser, MS Specialist Nurse, Neurology,  
For giving professional care, attention and advice to a patient and taking time to  explain the treatment to her daughter

Hannah Godfrey-Ward, Staff Nurse,  D8,  
for being extremely supportive, making everyone welcome and working extremely hard

Alberto Gonzalez Lopez, Clinical Trials Nurse, CCTC,  
for always being clam and collected even in stressful situations

Kirsten Goodwin, Assistant Admissions Coordinator,  Ward C4 Hepatology,  
for always being a smiley and friendly face to all those that visit your department

Ian  Grant,  Consultant Surgeon,  Plastic Surgery,  x2 nominations
For putting patients at ease with your caring and gentle manner

Francesca Gray, Staff Nurse,  ED,  
for your exemplary kindness and professionalism

Ellen Gunaseelan, Clinical Leader, Day Surgery Unit,  
for always being very supportive and putting others first

Kelvin Harvey, Painter, Maintenance,  
for being a credit to your department

Anthony Hughes, Painter, Maintenance,  
For being very polite and courteous in a busy department

Colleen Hughes, HCA,  F6,  
For always having a smile, being professional and willing to help

Rita   James, HCA, Ward D9,  
for being efficient and hardworking

Geo John, Administrator ,  Clinic 14, 
 for your forward thinking to help a patient

Megan Jones, Consultant Anaesthetist ,  Anaesthetics,  
for your exceptional kindness, gentleness and for her exceptional skill at administering general anaesthesia

Victoria Keevil, Consultant,  DME - Ward G3,  
For successfully lobbying funds to make Ward G3 environment a more friendly, appropriate and caring place for elderly dementia patients.

Wasim Khan, Consultant, Orthopaedics,  
For being exceptionally kind to both patients and staff

Vikas Khanduja, Consultant, Orthopaedics, x 3 nominations
For organising an annual awards dinner which was appreciated by all staff
for making a real difference to both his patients and his colleagues.

Jordan Lambert, Bank Healthcare Assistant, Staff Bank (A4),  
For being a hard worker who is compassionate and caring towards patients

Thomas Mathen, SHO - Paediatrics, Paediatric Neurology ,  
For being a delight to work with and having a dedicated infectious attitude.

Bindu Mathew, Staff Nurse,  Ward M5,  
For exceptional professionalism, kindness and gentleness. 

Chris Mee, Staff Nurse, Ward L5 ,  
for making a huge difference to every patient you meet, being a great role model

Brahim Meribai,  Housekeeper,  Medirest Offices,  
for being an absolute pleasure to work with.

Adam Miller, Staff Nurse,  D8,  
For being an incredible nurse, supporting the team and always being reliable

Lynda Mills, Sister,  Day Surgery Unit,  x2 nomination
For truly living the values, safe, kind and most definitely excellent.
For being a lovely person to staff and patients

Raiza Mutuc, Staff Nurse, Theatres - Recovery,  
For exceptional kindness and gentleness, providing reassurance and making a frightening experience a pleasant one

Kim Newman, HCA, Ward D8,  
For being helpful caring and approachable.

Francesca Nolan, Midwife, Delivery Unit, 
 for being calming and reassuring during a difficult time for a patient

Tina Nyasembi, Sister ,  F6, 
 for being professional and looking after patients and staff

August Palma, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being concerned about your patients and making them feel safe

Emma Peach, Student Midwife, Sara Ward, 
 for your caring professional manner

Eirini Pizirtzidou, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being willing to go the extra mile to ensure patients are comfortable and happy

Sue Pollard, HCA,  Ward C8,  
for supporting your wider team colleagues

Tsungai Poshai, Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being a ray of sunshine to patients

Thomas Roy, Housekeeper (F6), Medirest, 
 For always being there with a smile and a friendly word

Valeria Salomone, Theatre Nurse,  Main Theatres - Unit 2,  
For embracing your role in training new staff

Tina Scott, Staff Nurse, F6,  
For being really helpful and going the extra mile to ensure a patient's comfort

Mohammed Saeed Sheikh, Staff Nurse,  Ward C8,  
For keeping a patient's spirit lifted.

Jess Sheldon, Recruitment Advisor, Recruitment, 
 for organising and delivering a first great ED recruitment day

Holly Sheppard, Recruitment Advisor, Recruitment,  
for always being positive and efficient in your work

Yogen Singh, Consultant,  Paediatric Oncology,  
for always being so friendly and kind

Benjamin Smith,  Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Stoma Care, 
 for being very professional and kind in your care for a patient

Zsuzanna Smith,  ODP,  Theatres,  
for being very conscientious and committed to recycling

Ewa Sokolowska,  Housekeeper (DSU),  Medirest,  
For being professional and taking good care of patients

Katy Sutherland,  HCA,  D8,  x2 nominations
for always being happy to help, reassuring patients and doing an amazing job
for using your initiative and developing an information sheet for Student Nurses on the importance of Falls Management.

Natalie Taylor, Staff Nurse,  Oncology Day Unit,  
For making a patient feel settled and confident with the  care being received.

Karen Thorpe,  Junior Sister,  DSU,  
For being friendly and professional and always having a smile on your face

Steven Thurston,  Senior Sister,  F6,  
for being very professional but also caring and considerate and on hand for advice

Olga Trofim,  Staff Nurse,  F6,  
For being friendly, professional and patient

Suneetha Varghese,  Staff Nurse,  Ward M5,  
For exceptional professionalism, kindness and gentleness. 

Dean Villarante,  Staff Nurse,  Ward G6,  
for being very kind and caring in your role.

Willem Visser,  Honorary Clinical Fellow,  Endocrinology Clinic,  
for your thorough and gentle care of a patient

Miroszlav Vudmaszka,  Housekeeper (F6),  Medirest,  
For being hardworking and making time for patients

Joanna Walker,  Critical Care Outreach Sister,  Emergency & Critical Care,  
for ensuring patients are completely cared for and comfortable

Darren Ward,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward G6,  
for going out of your way to improve a patients wellbeing on the ward

Susan Ward,  HCA,  ED,  
for being aware, caring and considerate of all the anxieties of a patient during a critical moment.

Zoe Watts,  Staff Nurse,  Emergency Department, 
for ensuring that a patient had a positive experience in the hospital on their birthday 

Alex Webb,  Staff Nurse,  D8,  
For being a fantastic example of a diligent and knowledgeable staff nurse and for always supporting her team

Anna Wesolowska,  Housekeeper (M5),  Medirest,  
For going out of your way to help patients

Annie West,  Midwifery Sister,  Lady Mary Ward,  
for your kind, reassuring care 

Carl Whiffen,  HCA,  Ward G3,  
for the compassionate care you showed towards family members during a difficult time

Gina Whybrow,  HCA,  A4,  
For your hard work and always being willing to go the extra mile for patients and relatives

Mihaela Zarif,  Assistant Scrub Practitioner,  Main Theatres,  
for always being engaging and compassionate during handovers

Carl Figueiredo,  Doctor,  Paediatrics 
For being safe, kind and excellent