You Made a Difference awards - November

16 December 2016
A proactive member of the operations team in the emergency department and a nurse who reassured a relative with a transatlantic phone call were the winners of the You Made a Difference awards for November.

Andy Bailey, a deputy ops manager in our Emergency Department, was picked out for his work in supporting initiatives to help and develop his colleagues, while Helen Pascual, a band 6 junior sister on F6, received her award after being nominated by a patient’s daughter.

Andy Bailey in front of his colleagues in the Emergency DepartmentAndy started in the Trust in December 2014, having left Her Majesty’s Prison Service where he had been at governor grade, and in his role in the department works behind the scenes to ensure the ED runs smoothly and that facilities for patients and staff are as good as they can be.

An extract from the winning nomination from a colleague said:  “Andy has set up a new scheme called 'ED Listeners' to support the ED multidisciplinary team who have experienced stressful or difficult situations.

“He has recruited a cross section of volunteers from within ED who have received formal training in their own time and now provide a friendly listening ear to their colleagues at times of need and can signpost to more formal services where required. This is a great initiative and unique to ED and truly shows the value and respect that Andy has for colleagues, putting the 'together' into being safe, kind and excellent.”

Helen receives well-deserved award

Helen Pascual started at the Trust in 2001 and has worked her way up to become a band 6 junior sister on F6. Throughout her time at CUH, Helen has demonstrated leadership values and has proved a good role model for colleagues, mentoring and supporting students and new staff.

CUH CEO Roland Sinker presents the You Made a Difference award Helen PascualHer winning nomination said: “I live in USA and knew my mother's doctor wanted to speak to me. My mother had developed respiratory problems overnight, she was very short of breath and couldn’t speak.

“I waited at home for the call but nothing happened.  I was panicking and finally called the ward and spoke to Helen, who was so very kind and understanding. Although difficult, she managed to arrange for a doctor to speak to me and he answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease.  Thank you, Helen from the bottom of my heart for doing this.  

“Mum also told me that you had been so very kind to her. She is so far from her home, she is basically alone there and very scared. It made all the difference that I could talk to her afterwards and explain everything in a way that wouldn't panic her. I am a nurse myself and you are an excellent role model.”

The other nominations for November were:

Joana Abrantes, Staff Nurse,  Ward M5 
For providing kind and respectful care

Yaa Mensah, Phlebotomist,  Pathology Clinical Services  
For providing a reassuring service for a very concerned patient

Raquel Antonio, Junior Sister, Oncology Clinics 
For the exemplification of Trust values

Sandra Ashton, Administrator, Clinical Investigation Ward, x2 nominations
For great demonstration of the Trust values
For promoting the safety of your ward by raising awareness of the importance of hand hygiene

Nicola Barralet, Staff Nurse, MSEU C5 
For your professionalism towards your patients, and support to your team

Karen Beamon, HCA, NCCU,  x2 nominations
For your respectful manner with your patients
For your continuing contributions to the morale of your team

Martin Besser, Consultant, Haematology 
For providing exemplary care, compassion and commitment to your patient

Darren Bird, HCA, Transplant 
For your professionalism and attentiveness to your patient

Victoria Bloomfield, Project Worker Transformation, Staff Bank  
For your work on FabChange Day, and always being full of enthusiasm

Jennifer Bowles, Bank HCA, Staff Bank Dept
For your boundless enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work.

Katie Bradshaw, Advanced Practitioner, Oncology 
For providing excellent care and on-going support to your patients

Rebecca Bradshaw, Staff Nurse, Ward D8 
For your efforts to support your team during the recent CQC inspection

Robert Bruno, Shift Facilities Manager, Estates and Facilities
For your actions to resolve a critical Trust equipment issue, allowing important hospital procedures to continue unimpeded.

Heather Callingham, Senior Professional Development Nurse, ED 
For your contributions to the professional development of your staff

Giulio Campana, Staff Nurse, Ward G6, x2 nominations
For always having a smile and making your patient's stay more pleasant.
For providing kind and respectful care

Christine Campbell, Lead Medical Secretary, Pain Clinic 
For your efforts in organising events for your department, and for your team's morale

Philipe Cartwright,  Staff Nurse,  Operating Department  
For being kind, caring  and easy to talk to in Recovery after a patient's operation

Hugo Casaca, Housekeeper, Ward G6 
For always being friendly and eager to help a patient's dietary needs

Jimmy Cendana, Senior Charge Nurse, NCCU 
For going above and beyond your duties to support your staff, and your efforts to make your ward a pleasant place to work

Megan Chapman, Admission Co-ordinator/Tracker, Ward G2 
For outstanding commitment to your department, patients and colleagues

Fiona Chilvers, Sister, Clinic 6 
For providing consistently excellent care to your patients, and support for your staff throughout your years at the Trust.

Yvette Clark, HCA, ED 
For taking extra care to reassure a very shaken patient

Felix Clay, Academic Clinical Fellow, Ward S3 
For helping to provide your patient with the care they need.

Fiona Collen, HCA, Oncology 
For your efforts to make your patient feel safe and secure in your care.

Denise Coombe, Receptionist, Oncology 
For always making your patients feel valued  

Karen  Course,  PA to Dr Mike Scott,  Haematology Department  
For your contributions to team morale, and encouragement that you provide to your colleagues

Amanda Creasey, Access Clerk, Access 
For going beyond your duties to help a new colleague

Dochka Davidson,  Sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Clinical Oncology,  x2 nominations
For your contributions to the efficiency and patient experience of your department
For your imitative, attentiveness and exemplary commitment to your patients

Jane Day,  Dermatology Clinical Nurse, Dermatology 
For going above and beyond your duties to provide  encouragement for your team, and your efforts to continuously improve your service 

Megan Dumphreys, Staff Nurse, Ward D9 
For always making time to make your patients' stay pleasant and comfortable.

James Ferguson, Foundation House Officer, Ward G4, x4 nominations
For your exceptional commitment to your work, staff and patients

Brian Fish, Consultant, Otolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery 
For displaying exemplary commitment and compassion towards a patient in need

Julian Fraser, Staff Grade Surgeon, Maxillo Surgery  
For making your patient feel confident and safe under your care

Sally Gardiner, HCA, Ward G4 
For providing exceptional care for your patient, and attention to their health and well-being. 

Paul Gibbs, Consultant Surgeon, Transplant 
For providing exceptional care

Jo Hall, Bone Marrow Nurse Practitioner,  Oncology  
For helping to reassure a patient and their family during a worrying time.

Akshay Horil-Roy, Phlebotomist, Pathology Clinical Services 
For your providing excellent service to reduce discomfort to your patient

Katie Horne, Staff Nurse,  Ward C2  
For going above and beyond to assist a patient and their family to give the best care possible. 

Danilo Inchiappa, Staff Nurse, EAU4 & Endoscopy 
For being kind and caring and putting a patient at ease

Alison Kelly, Staff Nurse, Day Surgery Unit 
For providing your patient with a safe and reassuring environment

Susan Laker, Ward Clerk, Ward C2 
For adapting seamlessly after filling in for another role

Joanne Lee, Bank HCA, Staff Bank Dept
For being exceptionally attentive, and helping towards making a patient's experience more comfortable

Helen Lines, Personal Assistant, Oncology 
For exceptional attention to detail in your role

Nick MacCauliffe, EPIC ATO Assistant Technical Officer, Haematology 
For outstanding customer service.

Anna  Mayhew, Senior Sister,  Ward G2  
For going above and beyond your duties, even when on sick leave

Jenny Oakes, Specialist Support Nurse, Palliative care 
For providing high-quality end-of-life care as well as emotional support to your patient and their family. 

Jonathan Parry, HCA, MSEU 
For going the extra mile for a patient, and improving the quality of care they receive

Biji Paul,  Staff Nurse,  G2 Infusion  
For going above and beyond your duties to ensure a patient's safety.

Leah Pearson, Divisional Lead Administrator, Division B Management 
For providing exemplary support for your teams during a challenging time

Christina Pereira, Staff Nurse, Ward C9 
For exemplary demonstration of Trust values

Mark Perez, Registered Nurse, Ward M4 
For your exemplary dedication to your patient, and embodiment of Trust values

Hannah Pont, Deputy Recruitment Manager, Recruitment  
For your achievements with the Recovery and PMO Team

Chris Power,  Contracts Director,  Medirest  
For your passion and commitment to the Trust's staff and patients, and for going above and beyond your call of duty to support the NHS FabChange Day

Sarah Prewett, Specialty Registrar, Oncology 
For your contributions to the morale and encouragement of your colleagues

Penny Shipley-Cribb,  Senior Sister,  Clinics 3 and 14 
 For your outstanding demonstration of Trust values, and your invaluable support for your team.

Sheila Shorter, Physio Assistant, Ward L4 
For helping a patient's recovery with your upbeat enthusiasm

Evelina Snezko, Junior sister,  Trauma & Orthopaedics  
For always being happy to help

Daniela  Soares Regua,  Staff Nurse,  Ward A3  
For going the extra mile to support your department during a  staff shortage, and your contributions to improving your patients' experience.

Chloe Stack, Staff Nurse, D8 T&O 
For your calmness and composure when dealing with difficult situations

Sue Tabor, Associate Radiotherapy Manager - Head of Managerial Operations Radiotherapy,  
For going above and beyond the call of duty to provide support for your staff during a difficult time

Stephanie Tan, Staff Nurse, Ward G2 
For your ever-cheerful and friendly manner

Olga Trofim, Staff Nurse, Ward F6 
For always taking the time to make a difference in your patient's stay

Alex Walker, Support Medical Secretary, Hepatology, x5 nominations
For always being happy to help, and going the extra mile
For going the extra mile to support your colleagues
For being an exceptional team member who is always willing to help

James Watson, Foundation Year One Doctor, Ward F6 
For your kind and professional work manner

Emma Whattam, Tracheostomy Specialist Nurse, Surgical Services 
For your contributions to the efficiency of the ED department, and providing support for your team

Nicola   Wilson, Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nutrition
For your dedication to your patients, and exemplification of Trust values

Louise  Woolner, Small Bowel Transplant Specialist Nurse,  Ward G5
For providing exceptional care, and creating a safe and reassuring environment for your patient