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You Made a Difference award winners - October

07 November 2017
A nurse who moved a family with the way she handled their loved one’s last moments was a very deserving winner of a You Made a Difference.

Emergency department nurse Claire Fullbrook received the nomination from Lynsey Butcher as way of saying a heartfelt thank you for the compassionate care given to her father. The nomination was co-signed by Lynsey’s sister, Danielle Grey, and her mother, Jean. 

Claire Fullbrook stands proudly with her You Made a Difference award in front of colleaguesLynsey’s nomination said: "On Sunday at 9.30pm my dad was admitted to A&E by ambulance.  He passed away at 10pm. It was obviously a very distressing time but there was a nurse in the cubicle with us who brought us so much comfort. 

“I could see the tears in her eyes as she looked at mine, my sister’s and my mum's devastated faces. They told us there was nothing more they could do and that they would be administering morphine and he would slip away from us. 

“The nurse asked if we wanted music played and we said he loved Otis Reading so she frantically searched on her computer to play some songs for us. What she did that night meant more to us than she will ever know. We have talked about her several times since my dad passed away and we are desperate for her to know how much we appreciate her. We would love to personally thank her.”

Claire, who has worked for the Trust for just over 11 years, was quick to thank colleagues, in particular fellow nurse Joana Cadilha. 

“It was very much a joint effort with Joana and I am touched to hear that I made a difference to the family,” Claire said.  

“I’m delighted to see that they’ve come along today to see me collect the award and it means a lot to hear that I helped them in this difficult time."

The winning nomination comes as no surprise to Claire’s colleagues, who describe her as compassionate and patient focussed. 

Sam makes a difference by getting numbers right

Sam Talbot may have been one of the most junior members of the service desk team in the contact centre, but was chosen to work on the biggest job the department has undertaken, because of his dedication, reliability and above all talent.

A colleague who worked with Sam on the project was so impressed with his role on the project he put him forward for this award.  

CUH CEO Roland Sinker and Chair Mike More present Sam Talbot with his award“During September, we completed the site-wide renumbering of over 7000 hospital extensions,” the nomination said.

“This project was the largest the Voice Engineers had ever undertaken, and had been in planning for more than five years…  

“Sam was the Network Engineer who, with the guidance of the Head of Infrastructure and myself, completed the engineering work required to smoothly transition the numbers.  Our success rate on this work was 100% and this is fundamentally as a result of the hard work and dedication Sam put in.

“Sam is on a training contract and is the most junior member of the engineering team, but his work on this project has been exemplary. He has worked long days without complaint and dialled in from home at weekends to ensure minimal disruption while the work was completed…”

Sam, who joined the Contact Centre in 2013 as an agent, said: "I'm very grateful to be given the opportunity to work on such a big project and the whole team pulled together to make it successful. 

"I really enjoyed the challenge."

In December 2014, he moved over from being an agent to the service desk team to make full use of his technical abilities.He is in the second year of his Network Engineer training and is part of the Service Desk team which involves responsibility for successful implementation and on-going management of Voice Services applications and systems, ensuring patients, staff, visitors and the public receive a high standard of service and support.

The other winner for October will be announced on Thursday.

The other nominations for October were:                  

Laura  Abbas, Macmillan Integrating Cancer Care Project Manager, Cancer Support Team  For your support in the creation and development of the Virtual Information Page

Christopher  Adcock, Consultant , Acute Medicine
For listening to your patient’s concerns and providing reassurance

Charlotte Allin, Healthcare Assistant, Ward D8
For taking the time to speak to your patients and supporting your team

Miguel Alonso, Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
For the dedication to your work

Ewelina 'Evie' Baeza-Minda, Staff Nurse, ICU
For showing a kind, caring, calm and reassuring nature towards your patients and your professionalism

Ingrid Baumann, Macmillan Integrating Cancer Care Project Support Officer, Cancer Support Team
For your support in the creation and development of the Virtual Information Page

Adrian Bourne,  Project Manager,  Information Technology   x8 nominations
For your help and support in delivering EPIC to the Ely DSU

Natasha Bowen, Audiological Scientist, Audiology
For a thorough understanding of your patients’ needs

Rachel Casbon, Junior Sister, Emergency Department
For being compassionate, caring and calm

Thippeswamy Chandrappa, Associate Specialist, ENT
For being kind, gentle and genuine

Jayne Dale, Maternity Care Assistant, Rosie
For supporting and advising new mothers and improving their experience

Hannah Derrick, Midwife, Delivery Unit/Clinic 23
For your patience and the time you give to your patients and their families

Raymond Dinsey, Information Manager, Information Technology
For your prompt responses to critical incidents, ensuring effective review of data

Michelle Fynes, (Locum) Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
For epitomising the Trust Values by being kind, safe and excellent

Liliana Goncalves Pereira, Sister, Medical Decisions Unit
For all the dedication that you put in your job and into the care of your patients

Jack Gooding, IT Project Support, Information Technology
For your willingness to help your colleagues, always with good humour and a smile

Sophie Graham, Staff Nurse, Ward F3
For supporting your team and always putting patients at ease

Ryan Greenaway, Healthcare Assistant, Ward D9
For being excellent

Colin Hamilton, Senior Clinical Specialist Practitioner, Physiotherapy
For going above and beyond to interpret for a patient

Michelle Harvey- Hyde, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy 

Lucy Horton-Hiron, Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects, Estates and Facilities
For always attaining high standards and for your collaboration in respect of the new Haematology Day Unit

Katie Keane, Staff Nurse, Ward L4
For your kindness and efficiency

Pauline Kember, Admissions - 18 week tracker, Neurosurgery
For supporting patients through difficult circumstances

Carla Lopes Figueiredo, Junior Sister, Ward F6
For brightening your patients' and teams’ day

Charlotte Maloney, Business and Performance Advisor, Finance Management
For exemplifying the Trust Values as well as your commitment and support

Maria Mauricio, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C7
For supporting patients and colleagues and always doing your best

Sawcutally (Ali) Mohamudally, Charge Nurse, Ward C4   x4 nominations
For reassuring and supporting your staff and patients, keeping everyone up to date and embodying the Trust Values
For being reliable and always putting 110% effort into everything you do

Catia Moreira, Staff Nurse, PICU
For caring for your patients throughout their admission and transfer

Jennifer Morgan, Ward Manager, Medical Decisions Unit
For caring about your department and your patient's safety

Susan Mott, Appointment Centre Clerk, Outpatients Service
For ensuring all patients’ communication needs are met

Marie Neep, Junior Sister, Ward C3   x7 nominations
For your exceptional standard of care, professionalism and  caring nature and always giving 100%

Drashnika Patel, Honorary Clinical Assistant, Emergency Department
For your calmness and reassurance in a busy department

Samantha Pearson, Administrator, Access to Health Records
For answering all your patients queries and caring about their needs

Sue Penfold, Bank Administrator(Trauma and Orthopaedics), Staff Bank
For your continuous hard work and support  to your team

Daniel Pennick, Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Haemostasis
For being an asset to your team through training, teaching and knowledge

Sophie Phillips, Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Speech Therapy
For all your help and support with the creation of the Jungle Trail

Jane Price, Project Support Officer, Clinical Oncology (Admin Unit)
For your help and support in the development of the new Haematology Day Unit

Tina Pullen, Healthcare Assistant, Ward F3
For putting maximum effort into your job role and easing patients' anxieties

Dianne Racher, Clinic Clerk/Receptionist, Outpatients Service
For taking the time to engage with patients

Martina Semeraro, Staff Nurse, Ward C8
For always being kind, supportive and caring towards her patients and colleagues

Karen Shepherd, Staff Nurse, Ward M4
For your communication, empathy and professionalism to all

Elisabeth Solomon, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C7
For being hard working, kind and caring

Sharon Stevenson, Principal IT Trainer, e-Hospital   x9 nominations
For being a fantastic trainer and your all round support and encouragement in ensuring all staff are trained in epic

Carly Taylor, Staff Nurse, ATC
For your attentiveness and making sure all patients needs are met

Jayne Thickitt, Junior Sister, Ward D8
For always putting the patients’ needs first and ensuring the best outcome

Karen Thorpe, Junior Sister, Addenbrookes Treatment Centre   x2 nominations
For your knowledge and attentiveness in ensuring patients feel cared for

Heidi Tilbrook, Clinical Education Facilitator, Career progression   x3 nominations
For supporting staff development and enabling career progression

Jennifer Townsend, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C7
For your efficiency, kindness and support to patients and colleagues

Mark Welford, Healthcare Assistant, Neurology
For always ensuring that patients receive the best possible care