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You Made a Difference award - July

26 July 2016
An inspirational staff member who has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer has been awarded the You Made a Difference award for his dedication at work - and his charity fundraising which he continues to do throughout his treatment.

Described as "a very selfless caring person who dedicates his life to improving the lives of so many other people", Mick Pilling was presented with July’s award by CUH CEO Roland Sinker at a ceremony earlier this month.

Mick Pilling receives his award from CUH CEO Roland SinkerThe 63-year-old has worked for the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme for the last eight years in the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre.

But despite having cancer four times, in four different places, he has not let the disease get the better of him or hamper his determination to fundraise for Macmillan.

So much so, he cycled for the third time from London to Paris - without training - just three-and-a-half months after having an operation to treat bowel cancer and while having chemotherapy throughout.

One of his nominations for the award said: "Throughout having chemo and his bad days he comes in and delivers a fantastic service to the patients as well as his colleagues. He always has time for everyone and has raised some amazing money for Macmillan, he truly is a fantastic person who deserves recognition."

"It's an honour," said Mick. "It's unexpected. The award should also be for the bowel cancer screening team for helping me pull through a difficult time."

Mick was first diagnosed with cancer in the tonsils in 2004 after finding a lump in his neck under the right side of his jaw. After initially thinking it was an infection, doctors found a tumour following a scan at West Suffolk hospital and he began having treatment at Addenbrooke's.

Mick, a father-of-two and grandfather-of-four, was also found to have a tumour under the jaw, a form of neck cancer. He had radiotherapy every day for seven weeks - which caused him to lose four stone in eight weeks - and he had follow up treatment for five years.

After getting the all clear in 2010, he decided to start fundraising for Macmillan as a way of giving back for all the charity's support - and for the support for his family after losing his mother, father and twin brother to cancer between 1989-2005.

"I decided to go and do something, I signed up to climb Ben Nevis in May 2010," he said. "Since then I have done London to Paris, I've cycled that three times and smaller rides in between."

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in February last year, he still went ahead and did his third cycle ride from London to Paris despite undergoing treatment.

"I don't know how I did it. I just got on the bike and as any keen cyclist would say, once you get on and start moving adrenaline takes over," he said.

Sadly Mick is no longer able to ride a bike after he was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer in April this year, but despite this he has still been working and fundraising for Macmillan.

Mick is a familiar face to new cohorts of nurses coming through the doors as for the last three-and-a-half years he has been giving talks about how to look after cancer patients.

"These guys have come off the street into nursing, this is something they are going to face in their career as nurses," he said. "I've tried to get them to understand how we want to be treated, not as someone different. We're the same person as we are before we had our trouble.

"I talk to them about being empathetic, not sympathetic and certainly not condescending."

Because of Mick's liver cancer, he is now taking some welcome time out from working for six months to rest and recuperate.

But he said having a positive outlook and determination to remain active as long as possible keeps him going.

The other winner for July was John Metcalfe, a trainer and facilitator in learning and development who delivers a variety of training courses across including, corporate induction, appraisals and bespoke team development. 

John's winning nomination said: "John supported the Long Service and Retirement Awards and produced three video/music montages of events that happened 20, 30 and 40 years ago. They were absolutely brilliant and so professional. It created a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere, which made a real difference to the event. We have received many letters of thanks specifically mentioning them and how they made the staff feel valued."

The other nominations for July were:

Rita   Abrantes,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D9  
for showing skill, professionalism and kindness to a patient

Callie  Ansell,  Deputy Operations Manager,  Oncology
 for going above and beyond to support all colleagues during times of staff sickness

Gloria  Anyaegbu,  Staff Nurse,  Oncology  
for always being kind and empathetic

Win Win  Aye,  SpR,  Acute Medicine  
For going above and beyond to keep the medical rota going

Emma  Ayling,  Nurse,  Daphne Ward  
for your high standard of care and support

Luke  Bage,  Clinical Education Facilitator,  Nursing Projects Office  
for being extremely supportive during a difficult situation for you colleagues

Edward  Banham-Hall,  SpR,  Acute Medicine, 
 For going above and beyond to keep the medical rota going

Gregg  Barham,  Assistant Scrub Practitioner,  ELY DSU,  
for always being happy to help

Nazia  Bhatti,  Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse ,  Children's Services  
for working extremely hard and efficiently

Jacques  Bowman,  Quality and Assurance department,   
for your diligent and thorough work

Darren  Brown,  Booking Clerk,  Patient Services  
for efficiently setting up a manageable appointment for a patient

Sandra  Brunning,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ely Day Surgery Unit x2 nominations
 for your great knowledge and always making time to help
for being responsible and kind at all times

Stella  Burns,  Sister - Vasculitis Nurse Specialist,  Vasculitis  
for always being there to reassure patients and answer their questions

Clare  Cafferkey,  Nurse Liaison Psychiatry,  Psychology Department  
for your outstanding bed side manner, compassion and service

Heather  Callingham,  Senior Sister,  Emergency Department  
for your continuing support and guidance in the very early days of the NCCU Simulation Program

Maureen  Callow,  Clinic Co-ordinator,  Audiology and Hearing  
for going the extra mile to be compassionate towards a patient

Beth  Cates,  Clinic Booker,  Clinic 6  
for working extremely diligently and in a caring manner

Elizabeth   Davis,  Therapy Radiographer,  Oncology Clinical  
for your hard work maintaining and improving your working area

Elsje  De Villiers,  Specialist Physiotherapist,  Physiotherapy  
for providing great treatment that gave a patient faith and confidence

Cosimo  Di Maggio,  HCA,  C8,  x2 nominations
for always being positive towards your patients
for always having time to care and be helpful

Elaine  Doggett,  Healthcare Assistant,  Oncology  
for always being helpful and having a smile on your face

James  Drummond,  Clinical Scientist,  Molecular Genetics Laboratory 
 for consistently going over and above your role

Maria  Falkner,  Healthcare Assistant,  Clinic 4  
for running your clinic efficiently and smoothly

Ben  Fisher,  Specialty Registrar,  Paediatrics Ward C3  
for always working efficiently and professionally

Parto  Forouhi,  Consultant Surgeon,  Breast Unit,  x2 nominations
for showing respect, patience and kindness to a patient
for your great kindness before and after a patients surgery

Ian  Grant,  Consultant Surgeon,  Plastic Surgery  
for being very caring and going over and above for your patients

Ellen  Gunaseelan,  Clinical Leader,  Day Surgery Unit 
 for working professionally and embracing new challenges

Jean  Haslam,  Junior Clinical Fellow,  Urology  
for going beyond the call of duty to help a patient

Jurgen  Herre,  Clinical Lecturer,  Respiratory Medicine  
for using your great knowledge and experience to ease a patients worries

Luke  Hughes-Davies,  Consultant,  Oncology  
for your excellent explanation of a patients treatment

Ninfa  Jarin,  Major Trauma Centre Nurse Co-Ordinator, 
for always being knowledgeable, approachable and calm

Arek  Jereczek,  Housekeeper,  Medirest  
for being friendly and helpful

Joanne  Lee,  Bank Healthcare Assistant,  C10  
for helping a patient to feel more at ease

Claire  Leivers,  Paediatric Dietician,  Nutrition  
For your incredible effort in providing support to the paediatric gastroenterology in-patients

Deirdre  Lynskey,  Specialty Registrar,  Ward D9  
for always going above and beyond in your care of patients

Chris  Maimaris,  Consultant,  Emergency Department,  x2 nominations
for working tirelessly in your own time
for giving your won time to help your colleagues

Elizabeth   Malubay,  Ward Clerk,  Ward EAU4,  x4 nominations
for your devotion and passion towards your role
for your influential positive attitude to your work
for always being willing to help your colleagues
for always being happy and willing to help everyone

Anna  McNeela,  Senior Sister,  Emergency Department,  x2 nominations
for being outstanding and caring deeply about the team you work with
for being supportive and dynamic during high pressure

Ben  Miller,  Consultant,  ENT  
for providing exceptional care to a patient

Linda  Mills,  Ward Manager,  Day Surgery Unit  
for being friendly and kind to your colleagues

Josh  Musk,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D2 
for making a difference to a patient by being incredibly caring

Julia  Neely,  ICU SPR,  ICU  
for providing outstanding care to a patient

Anna  Noble,  Honorary Specialty Registrar,  Rosie/Gynaecology  
for showing real compassion and care during your professional treatment of a patient

Aaron  Nutter,  Staff Nurse,  Lewin Stroke and Rehab  
for identifying ways of improving the working system

Xiaomei  Ouyang,  Clinical Scientist & GI Physiologist,  Gastroenterology/Motility 
 for clearly explaining a patients procedure

Jorge  Palmeiro,  Bank Administrator,  Staff Bank (DSU L2)  
for working hard and being friendly

Lauren  Payne,  Healthcare Assistant,  Emergency Department  
for your great support and positive attitude towards your patients and colleagues

Sarah  Pilsworth,  Senior Speech & Language Therapist,  Speech & Language Therapy  
for making a very positive difference to a patient

Stephen  Pye,  Training Manager,  The Learning Centre 
for motivating and supporting every HCA that you work with

Alison  Rayner,  Medical Secretary,  Dermatology 
 for the excellent service you have given and continue to give to both patients and staff

Nieva  Rhind,  Staff Nurse,  Main Theatres 
 for staying late and showing outstanding qualities as a leader

Tracy  Richardson,  Healthcare Assistant,  Neurosciences  
for going out of your way to brighten a patients stay

Federico  Robles Garcia,  Trainee Electrician,  Maintenance  
for going the extra mile to assist a staff member

Tom  Say,  Materials Controller,  Procurement 
 for being approachable and helpful towards a staff member

Vicki  Seddon,  Communications Manager,  Communications  
for always being polite and smiling

Pasupathy  Sivasothy,  Consultant,  Respiratory Medicine  
for your being kind, excellent and caring

Lucy  Squance,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D8  
for delivering exceptional care and remaining calm despite difficulties

Ben  Starling,  Appointment Centre Booking Coordinator,  Appointment Centre  
for being really helpful in the department

Kate  Stopher,  Pharmacist,  Pharmacist on Ward N3  
for adhering to the Trust values of Safe, Kind and excellent in your work

Rebekah  Suckling,  Occupational Therapist,  Clinic 30  
for being extremely friendly, kind and reassuring

Kiran  Tawana,  Senior Clinical Fellow,  Haematology  
for always being efficient, considerate and professional

Elizabeth  Trueman,  Junior Sister,  Ward G3 
for showing considerable leadership and support to your colleagues during a challenging time

Micheala  Williams,  Staff Nurse,  ELY DSU  
for always being happy to help patients

Hannah  Wilson,  Senior Occupational Therapist,  Occupational Therapy  
for using your own time to create a club that helps the rehabilitation of patients

Shamila  Wright,  Deputy Apheresis Co-ordinator,  Apheresis Unit, Oncology  
for going above and beyond to ensure a patients treatment is less intimidating

Priyanka  Yadhunanthanan,  Consultant,  Ward F6  
for the care and kindness you provided to a patient

Jonathan  Yule,  Healthcare Assistant,  EAU 4  
for your great kindness during a difficult time