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Tom’s meditation app is world first

10 October 2017
A Cambridge University Hospital doctor has created the first high-tech app of its kind to help master the ancient art of meditation.

Psychiatrist Tom Mole’s invention is thought to be the only one that uses motion-guided feedback to help users master the most important meditation skill, “mindful” breathing.Dr Tom Mole

Called Mindz, it is an eight week training programme accessible via smartphones and uses unique algorithms to analyse breath patterns and self-awareness via interactive touchscreen and motion sensors. There is also unlimited use of the free version for beginners. It’s available now for iOS and is coming soon to Android phones.

Users relax with their smartphone on the abdomen, follow the instructions and tap the screen each time they reach the top of their in-breath. After time, they learn to breathe ‘mindfully’.
Dr Mole is studying for a PhD and Mindz is a social venture on the University of Cambridge’s Social Venture Programme for its potential positive impact.

Although it has lots of free features, a £3.99 a month upgrade means the cost of development can be recuperated and reinvested in other world-leading meditation technologies.

Dr Mole, who has studied in India, Thailand, Brazil, Europe and the USA, said: “Search the term ‘mindfulness’ in your app store and you will see many solutions – but few are based on science and none enable users to objectively track their progress.

“Mindz demystifies and gives people confidence in learning meditation. It captures evidence of how well they are doing and provides reassurance that they are doing it right.
“It is specifically designed for use in a reclined bed or chair, so is ideally suited to the the majority of patients in Addenbrooke’s.”

For more information and get the app free visit www.mindz.com