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Shoe game is another step to help mums

08 January 2018
A first ever maternity workshop at the Rosie is helping staff better understand the needs of families who use their services.

Women who recently gave birth were invited back to the hospital to discuss their experiences using an especially developed board game called Whose Shoes?

Groups of eight, split between senior staff at the Rosie, joined in with the game, which helped spark conversations about experiences of maternity care.

Common themes that emerged were shared by all five tables.

Anna Shasha, head of midwifery at the Rosie, said: “It was great to see so much engaged conversation and I thank all the women and staff who came along and shared their experiences at our first Whose Shoes?

“The only way we can improve is to hear the experiences of women and this workshop – the first of many we will be holding – helps to open up that discussion and capture common themes that we can work to address.”

Whose Shoes feedback mural