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Our performance - December 2014

12 February 2015
We had no MRSA and fewer C.difficile cases in December. We continue to experience a high volume of emergency admissions and a significant proportion of our beds are being used to care for elderly patients who are delayed transfer of care
  • C.difficile cases this month: 3
  • MRSA cases this month: 0
  • Patients seen in November: 72,825
  • Percentage of patients waiting less that 18 weeks: 85.2%
  • 8,538 patients treated in the emergency department in December
  • 69.5% of emergency patients treated within four-hours
  • 80.2% of cancer patients seen within 62 days
  • In December the Trust posted a deficit of 14.2m 
  • 125 new nurses are scheduled to join the Trust in January