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04 September 2017
Join our a cappella choir! Everything is taught ‘by ear’, so accessible to all, not just those that can read music. Enjoy songs from a wide range of cultures and traditions. Open to anyone whether working at the hospital or not.

Benefits of singing in a choir: There is a growing body of evidence from the past decade or so demonstrating the psychological, physical and physiological benefits of singing in a choir. These include improved well-being, lowering stress and blood pressure levels, developing listening & communication skills and building confidence. Did you know that the movement & breathing involved in singing with other people leads to synchronicity of heartbeat, muscular movement and neural activity?

Addenbrooke's Choir is an a cappella choir that runs along ‘Natural Voice’ lines. Some additional benefits of this are that it is accessible to all, whether or not they can read music, as everything is taught ‘by ear’. This develops listening, expressive & memorising skills, develops confidence in pitching, tuning and harmonizing as well as focusing on the body as the instrument.

A cappella is not restricted to traditional vocal ranges (soprano, alto, tenor & bass) so there is the opportunity to sing in different parts, and to explore different aspects of your own vocal potential. Singers connect with each other across different parts and in the group as a whole, and are free from the limitations of learning or singing from a musical score.

There is an opportunity to experience and enjoy songs from a wide range of cultures and traditions - in the fully participative oral tradition, and naturally common to many cultures and communities across the world.  This can open up new vocal avenues, discovery and build confidence in people initially inhibited about singing.

About the conductor Sue Parlby: Sue is a vocal facilitator with over 30 years of passion and experience for making singing accessible, fostering communities and empowering individuals, through community choirs, a cappella groups, music therapy, leading workshops in singing & non-singing settings, with a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Sue is an arranger and composer, project collaborator and performer in a cappella groups. Her journey so far has taken her from classical music training to Natural Voice work, following the oral tradition and connection between voice and body/movement - with inspiration from musical traditions and practitioners from across many cultures & styles.

Rehearsals: Addenbrooke's Choir meets on a Monday evening at the Alice Fisher lecture theatre on the hospital site, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. The first rehearsal is on Monday 18th September with the last rehearsal of term on 11th December (no rehearsal half term on 23rd October).

Cost: There is a £10 registration fee and then each rehearsal costs £5 to attend. No musical experience is needed and we welcome all whether you work at the hospital or not. There is free parking for choir members during rehearsal times. Please contact for more information.


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