Neuro-otology is a sub-specialty of ear, nose and throat, and is responsible for diagnosing, treating and studying complex disorders of the inner ear. This includes problems with balance, dizziness and hearing.

The service is run by consultant ENT surgeons Mr Patrick Axon, Mr Neil Donnelly and Mr James Tysome, together with Indu Bahadu, who is a clinical nurse practitioner. Patients referred to the neuro-otology clinic might be given hearing and balance tests, as well as an MRI or CT scan to check for any abnormalities or problems with blood supply to the brain which may be causing issues. The treatment you are prescribed will depend on the results of these tests, but will usually include therapies and medication. You may be offered surgery if you have been taking medication and undergoing rehabilitation for some time, but it has had little effect on improving your condition.

Our neuro-otolgy team also work closely with our skull base team, playing a key role in the care and treatment of patients who need surgery or have neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2).


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