The department of clinical neurophysiology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital carries out specialist investigations to help diagnose and monitor disorders of the nervous system, such as epilepsy, strokes and dementia.

Phone number: 01223 217136

Department: Clinical Neurophysiology 
Post box: 124

Patients whose symptoms are thought to originate from the brain, nerve and muscles are referred to the team, who will then use specialist techniques to record the way messages are carried in the body. This could include:

  • an EEG (electroencephalogram), which records brain waves so that consultants can analyse patterns and gain a closer insight into the way the brain is functioning
  • EMG (electromyography) and nerve conduction studies, which record how well the nerves and muscles are carrying electrical messages around the body. Specialists can then look for small or slowed responses to help them make a diagnosis or monitor the effects of treatment

The neurophysiology team also works in the hospital’s operating theatres to monitor the brain and spine during some types of surgery.

Directions from main reception:

All of our EEGs are performed within the department of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Entering the hospital at the main entrance, turn left in front of the main reception desk and follow the corridor. Part way along the corridor there is a set of double doors on the right hand side, turn right through these. Walk along the corridor until you reach the main hospital corridor, turn left onto this. Follow this corridor along to the left and then the right until you reach a bank of 2 lifts outside ward A2. Either take the lift up 1 floor to level 3 or opposite the A2 doors is a set of stairs to level 3. Once on level 3 you will be outside ward A3, walk along the outpatient corridor for a short distance. You will then see the department of Clinical Neurophysiology on your left hand side. Please check in at our reception desk.

Feedback or make complaints:

At periods during the year we run patient satisfaction surveys. Whilst in You may be asked to fill in a feedback questionnaire about your test with us and the pathway leading up to the test such as the booking of your appointment, transport, finding the department and your treatment by all staff along the way. If you are not asked for your feedback but would like to give some please ask our staff for a feedback questionnaire.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

How to access the service and what happens after the tests:

Tests performed in the department of Clinical Neurophysiology are accessed by referral only. For our various different types of EEG and Evoked potentials, referrals must be made by a consultant. For our NCS/EMG tests we accept referrals from consultants, GPs and specialist physiotherapists. Referrals from within Addenbrookes hospital can be made via EPIC, alternatively please send referrals to

Results will not be given out on the day of the test. Each test requires analysing by specialist physiologists and consultant neurophysiologists. Once the test has been reported the results will be sent back to the referring doctor who will be able to discuss these with you in a follow-up appointment.

What to do if a patient needs to cancel or rearrange your service:

If you would like to rearrange or cancel your appointment, please contact our department by phone or by email between the hours of 8am-6pm. Phone: 01223 217136


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Specialist investigations to help diagnose and monitor disorders of the nervous system, such as epilepsy, strokes and dementia.