Supplements for your baby


It is likely that your baby may be discharged home on numerous medicines. These may include routine vitamins and supplements along with other medication that your baby may have been on prior to discharge, for example medication to help prevent reflux.

During your stay on the Neonatal Unit you will gradually learn what medicines your baby is receiving, and as you move towards the transition to home, you will become familiar with adding your baby’s medicines to milk and correct timings for medication. Staff are here to help you learn and to teach you so that when the time comes to take your baby home you will not be daunted at all by any medicines that your baby is on. If you have any questions regarding additives or medication, then ask.


The routine supplements your baby is likely to go home on are:

  • Abidec (vitamin supplement) - 0.3mls/0.6mls from day 2 through to 12 months of age
  • Sytron (iron supplement) - If your baby is born less than 37 weeks, you will give 1ml once a day, this would start from 4 weeks through to 12 months of age
  • Folic Acid (for breast fed babies, a B complex vitamin) - 0.2mls from day 2 through to term
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