Frequently Asked Questions

When will my baby go home?

If your baby has been born prematurely or has other more specific medical needs it is possible to go home earlier but with the support of the community neonatal team.  Sara, our discharge planning coordinator and community lead will coordinate this for you.


Can I take my baby home with a feeding tube?

Your baby may be gaining weight, maintaining their temperature and have no other significant problems but still requires using a feeding tube for some of their feeds.  If they are managing at least two full feeds independently of the tube (at the breast or by bottle) within a 24 hour period and you live in Cambridge or in any of the surrounding villages (see map) and have telephone contact we can support you at home. We provide you with all the necessary equipment for tube feeding and will visit you at home at least twice a week initially and help you with the gradual weaning from the tube


What happens if my baby pulls out the tube at home?

If your baby should pull out their tube at a weekend or evening we would advise you to phone the Neonatal Unit on 01223 216079 for advice and if necessary would ask you to bring the baby back for a replacement tube.


Can my baby go home with oxygen?

A small number of babies who need extra help with breathing will go home 'on oxygen'. This will be discussed with you before any plans are made. Oxygen can be supplied at home and the community neonatal team and community paediatric nursing teams, under supervision of a paediatrician, would support you in this. You would not be expected to do anything at home that had not already been explained and shown to you by a health professional.

For more information see BLISS publication 'Going home on oxygen' to order telephone 0870 770 0337 or ask on unit.


How long do the community neonatal team give support at home?

This depends on each individual baby. Babies who go home with a feeding tube usually have at least 2 visits a week. Other babies are seen as often as is needed.

We continue with the advice that is given in hospital, advice on feeding issues and give other advice pertaining to your baby's growth and development and weigh your baby. The team meet regularly with your baby's paediatrician to discuss progress.

When we are happy that your baby is feeding well from you or a bottle, gaining weight and thriving we hand over care to the health visitor.

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