Caring for your baby at home

When the time comes to take your baby home, you may feel exited, scared and relieved all at once. The following pages aim to answer some questions that may crop up when you get home, questions that you may find you never had to ask whilst on the Unit, but also questions that are important to you for the wellbeing of your baby.

It must be remembered that all babies are individual and the answer may not be specifically correct for every baby. The neonatal community team can be contacted at any time if your baby was resident in the Neonatal Unit at the Rosie and will visit you at home once discharged from the hospital. The community team can be contacted on 01223 216079 and will happily answer any further questions that you may have.

If you feel that your baby is unwell, or is showing signs of the following:

  • feverish, fretful
  • changes in feeding - becoming disinterested or reluctant to feed
  • vomiting
  • changes in stools
  • sleepy or non-responsive
  • floppy
  • irregular breathing or more rapid or noisy breathing
  • blotchy skin, or a rash

It is recommended that you seek medical help from your GP or call 999, rather than trying to contact the Neonatal Unit or Community team.


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