Community Support

Whilst your baby has been on the Neonatal Unit you will have had a lot of support and people around to answer questions and give advice. Going home is something you are really looking forward to but at the same time can cause anxiety as well as relief.

Research has shown that babies thrive better in their home environment. Some of the advantages that have been shown are bonding is improved, oral feeding initiated quicker, better family integration, less expense of traveling costs for parents and reduced risk of hospital acquired infections.

The nurse caring for your baby will encourage and show you how to do nappy changes, care for his skin, mouth and eyes and how to bath him. She will show you how to do naso-gastric tube feeds if necessary and how to understand and take cues from your baby see developmental care

You will be shown how to express and store your milk, given help and advice on breastfeeding, sterilise feeding equipment and make up formula feeds - all before going home.

Your baby may need to go home with medications. These will be explained to you and you will be taught how to give them and how to get further prescriptions.

We also offer teaching on safe sleeping and on how to recognise for early signs of illness, temperature control and baby resuscitation.

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