The hospitals have direct links with many of the Cambridgeshire Park and Ride sites. This is a good option for those traveling by car and if your visit is going to last more than two hours, the Park & Ride bus fare can work out significantly cheaper than the car parking charges at the hospitals.

Babraham Road Park & Ride has frequent services to the Campus (every 10 minutes), with the journey only taking 5 minutes and services on every day of the week. Babraham Road also has the cheapest tickets – the Park & Ride Short Hop.

Trumpington Park & Ride site has frequent services to the Campus, along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway,  with the journey only taking 6 or 7 minutes using the Busway A or R services.  The Guided Busway A service routes around the site with various drop off and collection points whereas the Busway R only has one stop on the south west of Campus. Busway A also routes from St Ives and Longstanton Park & Rides and is a good option if you are traveling from these locations. Note that fares from St Ives and Longstanton are different to fares from the Park & Rides closer to the City and the cost of traveling from Trumpington to Campus is different to the cost of standard Park & Ride services as it operates using the Busway.  

There are frequent services from Madingley Road Park & Ride site using the Universal bus service.

To travel from Milton or Newmarket Road Park & Ride to the Campus it is necessary to change bus services in the City Centre where you have a short walk to a nearby stop and to change onto the Green Babraham Road Park & Ride service, which calls at Addenbrooke's Bus Station. When changing from one City Park & Ride bus to another in the City Centre there is no need to buy an extra ticket; one ticket is valid for a day.

Parking at all Park & Ride sites is now free for up to 18 hours (after which separate charges apply).

Details of all Park and Ride services and information on tickets and changing buses in the City Centre is on the information sheet below.

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