Illegal parking

Addenbrookes and the Rosie hospitals share a very busy site, and we cannot risk roads being blocked by illegally parked cars. The following parking rules apply:

  • No parking on double yellow lines or yellow cross-hatched areas.
  • No parking on the grass.
  • Any vehicle parked on the Addenbrookes site that causes a potential obstruction for emergency vehicles, will be physically moved and issued with a Parking Charge Notice.
  • Only disabled badge permit holders clearly displaying the blue badge permit and time clock are allowed to park in Disabled parking spaces on the Addenbrookes site.
  • All vehicles must be parked within the marked bays only.
  • On-site parking is restricted to 24 hours.
  • These rules apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The owner of any vehicle that causes physical damage to property on the Addenbrookes site will be liable for the full cost of repair/reinstatement of the damaged property.
  • Disabled permit holders parking within barrier-controlled Trust car parks are liable to standard car park fees.
  • Anyone who parks their vehicle in breach of the published rules is liable to be issued with a parking charge notice (PCN) without warning. The current Parking Charge Notice is £30 in the first instance if paid within 7 days.
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