Disabled parking

Short-stay disabled car parking spaces

All on-road disabled car parking spaces are short-stay spaces. These spaces are for blue-badge holders only and parking is available for a maximum of 4 hours per stay.

This is to provide a frequent turn over of the on road-disabled spaces, giving more opportunity for patients who are blue-badge holders to park. Parking is free in the short stay disabled car park spaces. There are a number of short stay disabled parking spaces close to the hospital entrances.

Please ensure you abide by these rules if you park use the on-road disabled spaces:

  • blue badge holders must display a valid permit and time clock
  • permits must be displayed on the dash board or facia panel of your vehicle, where it can be clearly read
  • failure to display your badge correcly could lead to a parking enforcement notice (PEN) to be issued
  • all vehicles must be parked within the marked bays only
  • no parking on double yellow lines or yellow cross-hatched areas
  • no parking on zebra crossings, including areas marked by zig-zag lines
  • no parking in bus stops or cycle lanes
  • no parking on the grass
  • do not park where it would endanger, obstruct or inconvenience pedestrians or other road users
  • do not park where your vehicle could potentially obstruct emergency vehicles

These rules apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As this is a private hospital campus these rules may be different to public highway rules.

Long-stay disabled car parking spaces

For those parking for more than 4 hours, long-stay disabled spaces are available in the patient and visitor car parks. These spaces are for blue-badge holders only.

Standard car parking charges will apply. If you are a patient, parking discounts are available (link to parking discount page).

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