Events and workshops

We hold various events and workshops at the Rosie hospital for patients

Below you'll find posters with more information on each of these events/workshops.

  • Anaesthetic Antenatal Education Classes
  • Parent Education Classes (including antenatal, breastfeeding and expecting twins or triplets workshops)
  • Rosie tours

Rosie Open Evenings

Date of tour Bookings open
14 November 2019 From 14 October 2019 only

Rosie Open Evening - tour times: 17:30 | 17:40 | 17:50 | 18:00 | 18:10 | 18:20 | 18:30 | 18:40 | 18:50 | 19:00 | 19:10 | 19:20 | 19:30

How to book:

Click here

Please note that your booking will only be confirmed via email.

Further information:

You must be 30+ weeks on the date of the tour

Only one person can attend the tour with you

Children are not allowed on the tours

Tours on a first come first served basis (once bookings open)

Unfortunately we are only able to offer you the tours listed on the form. We will not be able to arrange alternative dates.

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