Dr Simon Holden
Consultant Clinical Geneticist

BSc(Hons), MBChB(Hons), PhD, FRCP, FRCP Edin

GMC number: 

Dr Simon Holden is a Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust.

Special interests

Dr Holden’s specialist interests include genetic conditions that affect the skin (genodermatoses), blood vessels (vascular disorders, including HHT), prenatal diagnosis and Huntington Disease.

General clinics

At Addenbrooke’s Hospital he runs general genetics clinics for children and adults affected by, or who have a family history of, genetic conditions (2 clinics per month). Dr Holden is one of three clinical genetics consultants from Addenbrooke’s Hospital who run regular genetics clinics at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH). His general genetics clinics at the NNUH include a monthly clinic for children and a monthly clinic for adults. Pregnant patients can be seen in these clinics at short notice.

Specialist clinics

Dr Simon Holden has postgraduate training in paediatrics and clinical genetics. He oversees the clinical genetics department’s clinic for individuals with a family history of Huntington Disease (2 clinics per month at Addenbrooke’s Hospital). Together with consultants Dr Soo-Mi Park and Dr Sarju Mehta, Dr Holden works closely with colleagues from the Fetal Medicine Department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to assist the prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations and also sees pregnant patients who wish to discuss genetic testing in pregnancy. In addition, he has close working links with colleagues from the Dermatology department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. He also runs a specialist joint genetics-dermatology clinic with Dr George Millington, a consultant dermatology colleague at the NNUH, for patients with genetic conditions which affect the skin (4 clinics per year).