Dr Sarju Mehta
Consultant Clinical Geneticist


GMC number: 

Dr Mehta is a Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust.

Special interests

Dr Mehta has interests in cardiac genetics, neurogenetics and prenatal.

General clinics

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, 3 times a month, general referrals (adult and paediatric including prenatal).

Specialist clinics

Prenatal (shared with consultants Dr Soo-Mi Park and Dr Simon Holden)

Weekly clinic with close liaison with the fetal medicine department, held every Thursday morning in Clinic 33 in the treatment centre at Addenbrooke's Hospital
The aim is to discuss the family history, the implications for the pregnancy and the options available to the couple
If the patient has been referred routinely and is now pregnant (or the partner is pregnant) please let the department know as soon as possible
Please Fax the referral and please provide contact telephone numbers for the patient
There is also a weekly multidisciplinary meeting as well as a weekly genetics meeting discussing pregnancies

Inherited cardiovascular conditions clinic

  • Monthly Multidisciplinary clinic with Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Genetic Counsellor, Cardiac Technician, ECG on site.
  • This is held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Clinic 33 in the ATC building at Addenbrookes Hospital
  • The clinic aims to provide a combined cardiac and genetic approach for patients with, or at risk of a potentially inherited disorder affecting the heart and associated structures.
  • Some patients may see a Cardiologist, a Clinical Geneticist, a Genetic Counsellor or a combination of these specialists
  • There is also a Monthly Multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss patients
  • For further information please download the pdf:
    Inherited Cardiovascular conditions (ICC) service

Neurogenetics Clinic (Norfolk and Norwich Hospital)

  • 3-4 monthly clinic jointly with a Consultant Neurologist
  • This is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month in the Jenny Lind Childrens Outpatient at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
  • The clinic aims to provide a combined genetic and neurological approach to diagnose patients with unknown complex neurological conditions presumed to have a genetic basis

In general the patient should expect to discuss the family history, answer questions about their own medical history, be examined where appropriate, and then there will be a discussion about the genetic basis of the condition in question and the risk of recurrence. Investigations may be organised including blood tests, and a plan will be made. All patients will receive a letter outlining details of the consultation.