Dr Joan Paterson
Consultant Clinical Geneticist

M.B. CH.B.(Glasgow 1983)
B.Sc Hons (Glasgow 1981) MRCP(UK)

GMC number: 

Dr Joan Paterson is a Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust.

Special interests

Cancer genetics.

General clinics

Ipswich (twice a month, all day). The Ipswich genetics team consists of Dr Paterson, a genetic counsellor and a junior doctor. They see a full range of patients already known to have a genetic disorder or their relatives, and those suspected of having a genetic problem, e.g., children with learning difficulties, for diagnosis.

Specialist clinics

Weekly Cancer Genetics clinic (Cambridge) to assess patients affected by cancer or their family for the likelihood of a genetic predisposition, diagnosis, future risks and management options. Dr Paterson works with 2 other cancer genetics consultants, genetic counsellors and junior doctors in genetics. They also work closely with other specialists involved, such as surgeons, oncologists and radiologists.