Clinical genetics

Part of East Anglian Medical Genetics Service
Welcome to the clinical genetics service

Our highly-skilled multidisciplinary team of doctors, genetic counsellors and clinical scientists provide individuals and families with:

  • Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of genetic disorders
  • Risk assessment and genetic counselling for patients who have a family history of an inherited disorder or a family cancer syndrome
  • Predictive genetic testing including prenatal diagnosis for some genetic disorders.

The Clinical Genetics service is supported by a dedicated team of secretarial and administrative staff who will help to arrange your appointment.

East Anglian clinical genetics service

The service is based at Addenbrooke's with clinics held in  hospitals around the region

Contact clinical genetics

01223 216 446

Level 6, Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre,
Cambridge University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road

01223 217 054

Genetics Laboratories

The labs offer cytogenetic (chromosome) and molecular genetic (DNA) analysis. 

The 100,000 Genomes Project

A new medical service based on genomic information for NHS patients.