Professor Christopher Watson

Prof Christopher Watson
Professor of Transplantation


  • Transplantation

Professor Watson trained in Cambridge and Oxford and was appointed as consultant transplant and vascular surgeon to the Churchill and John Radcliffe Hospitals in Oxford in 1997. The following year he returned to Cambridge as a consultant surgeon to focus on transplantation and transplant research.

In 2001 he established the current pancreas transplant service in Cambridge, one of five centres in England offering the service. At the same time helped to develop pancreas transplantation nationally as chair of the Pancreas Task Force (2001-6) and its successor, the Pancreas Advisory Group (2006-10) of NHS Blood and Transplant. He oversaw the introduction of the UK national pancreas transplant allocation scheme and secured national funding for the service.

Professor Watson also developed the surgical service for Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis in Cambridge, which is now recognised as a national service provided in two UK centres, Cambridge and Manchester.

He has had many roles in support of the national transplantation service, including membership of the ministerial Organ Donation Taskforce (2006-8) and General Secretary (2006-9), vice-president (2009-11) and president (2011-13) of the British Transplantation Society, as well as his advisory roles to NHS Blood and Transplant.

His current research is on organ preservation, and he has coordinated several national multicentre studies of kidney preservation and pioneered normothermic regional perfusion for donation after circulatory death.

He is co-author of many successful textbooks, including Lecture Notes in General Surgery (Wiley), the Oxford Handbook of Emergency Surgery (OUP), and Transplantation at a Glance (Wiley).