Prof Fiona Karet
Professor of Nephrology

BSc (London) MBBS (London) MRCP (Royal College of Physician) PhD (Cambridge) FRCP (RCP) FMedSci (Academy of Medical Sciences) FHEA (Higher Education Academy)

GMC number: 
  • Adult nephrology
  • Inherited renal disease 
  • Renal tubular disorders
  • Kidney stones

My clinical work centres on the Cambridge Renal Genetic and Tubular Disorders Clinic, of which I am clinical lead. The service provides multidisciplinary care for the significant proportion of renal patients with inherited disorders (eg ADPKD, cystinuria, Gitelman syndrome) or tubular disorders with high heritability (eg recurrent kidney stones, familial hypertension). These range from common to tertiary-referral-rare. We place additional focus on education and on at-risk family members, with the aim of preventing progression of CKD. My research has three main foci: 1) the characterization and cell biological consequences of renal tubular inherited disorders, particularly the acidoses; 2) the proteomic and functional characterization of the urinary exosomal compartment; 3) the clinical course and management of tubular disorders and stones.