Dr Nick Torpey
Clinical Director of Transplant Services
Dr Paul Gibbs
Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant HPB and Lead Transplant Surgeon
Professor Andrew Bradley
Kidney transplant surgeon
Dr John Bradley
Consultant Renal Physician and Director of Research and Development
Mr Andrew Butler
Consultant Transplant Surgeon
Dr Afzal Chaudhry
Consultant Nephrologist, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Associate Lecturer
Dr Menna Clatworthy
Honorary Consultant Nephrologist
Dr John Firth
Deputy Medical Director, Consultant Physician and Nephrologist
Dr Andrew Fry
Consultant in Nephrology and Acute Medicine
Dr Will Gelson
Consultant Hepatologist
Dr Alexander Gimson
Consultant Physician and Hepatologist
Dr Bill Griffiths
Consultant Hepatologist
Asif Jah
Consultant Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary and Transplant Surgeon
Mr Neville Jamieson
Consultant Transplant Surgeon
Prof Fiona Karet
Professor of Nephrology
Dr Stephen Middleton
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Associate Lecturer, Cambridge University Hospitals.
Mr Raaj Praseedom
Consultant HPB-Transplant Surgeon
Mr Neil Russell
Consultant Transplant and General Surgeon Associate Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Mr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy
University Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Transplant Surgeon
Dr Lisa Sharkey
Consultant in Gastroenterology, Intestinal Failure and Intestinal/Multivisceral Transplant
Prof Christopher Watson
Professor of Transplantation
Dr Lisa Willcocks
Consultant in Nephrology and Vasculitis
Dr Jeremy Woodward
Gastroenterology consultant