Alex Geiger suffered from Crohn’s disease for most of his childhood. His condition was so severe that he finally had to be fed by intravenous drip. He was being treated at St Mark’s Hospital in London when he was transferred to Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge to undergo a combined small bowel, liver, stomach and pancreas transplant. Alex was exhausted from his previous treatment and initially was reluctant to go forward. But the team at Addenbrooke’s put him at ease. “When they realised I was getting down about it, they put me in touch with a counselling service which really helped. They let me go at my own pace, so although I was reluctant at first, by the time the operation came round, I was all for it” he said.  The operation went well and Alex took just six weeks to recover, which is very unusual. The recovery process  usually takes much longer for most patients, more like six months, so Alex felt particularly lucky. “I woke up feeling amazing with the wonderful nurses telling me how well everything was going. I had this overwhelming sense that I felt better – even though I had someone else’s organs in me. To this day it is one of those things I can’t explain, or even get my head round , but I can with no doubt in my mind state it was literally life-changing and for the better.”

Six years later, aside from the daily anti-rejection drugs he takes, he lives a very normal life. “The team at Addenbrooke’s were fantastic. They were nothing but supportive and encouraging all the way through. It’s amazing work that they do.”