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In 1991, Addenbrooke's Hospital became the first hospital in the UK to conduct small intestinal transplant...

Patient stories

Read about the experiences of patients who have had a small bowel transplant.  

After a small bowel transplant

Your care after your small bowel transplant...

Multi Organ Transplant Support (MOTS)

MOTS are a charity providing support to people and their families affected by small bowel and multi-visceral transplants.

Small bowel team

The small bowel specialist nurse team provide specialist care, support and advice for patients being assessed for small bowel...


Mr Andrew Butler

Consultant Transplant Surgeon
Mr Andrew Butler
Small bowel transplantation is mainly performed on those patients who have intestinal failure who lack the vasculature required for artificial nutritional support.

Small bowel or multi visceral transplantation is a relatively new and exciting development within the world of transplantation and at Addenbrooke's we feel extremely privileged to be the only transplant centre in the UK to perform full multi visceral transplantation which includes the liver and other organs such as stomach, pancreas and kidney. We have also recently started transplanting the large bowel routinely which we have found improves fluid balance within our group of patients.

...our success is down to the very dedicated group of specialists: surgeons, physicians, nurses and others; who work in a fully integrated way to achieve this...