“I had my first liver transplant in 2007 as a super-urgent case. Unfortunately the liver did not work properly and I was almost immediately re-listed. However, after several months on the ward I was well enough to come off the list and return home.  We always knew that I would at some point need a second transplant.

After 4 years of ‘watchful waiting’ things started to go downhill in December 2010.  I was assessed for re-transplantation in January and very fortunately got the phone call on the 28th April, I was operated on during the royal wedding!

This time recovery has been so much easier and I was at home 17 days after the operation, this was described remarkable after a second transplant. Six weeks on and I have had to return for a week as my electrolyte levels have become a problem but my liver is working well.

I am hoping that after four and a half years of uncertain health, I am now on the way to a better future and am deeply thankful to the donors, doctors and nurses who have given me this chance.  It will not be wasted.”