About the liver program

Around 80 liver transplants are performed each year at Cambridge.

Patient stories

Read about the experiences of patients who have had a liver transplant.

Live donation

Live donor liver transplant program.

Addenbrooke's Liver Transplant Association (ALTA)

Provides support and information with the aim of improving the lives of patients.


After a liver transplant

Practical advice for after a liver transplant.

Liver transplant team

The team provide specialist care, support and advice for patients being assessed for liver transplant and for those who have received a liver transplant.

Liver transplantation is performed on those patients who have either chronic or acute liver failure. Addenbrooke's is one of five national liver transplant centres within the UK.

The liver transplant team consists of co-ordinators, surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and nursing staff. Around 80 liver transplants are performed each year at Cambridge. Close links exist with high quality referring centres and regular outreach clinics exist to aid pre- and post-liver transplant care in Southampton, Nottingham, Oxford, Norwich, Ipswich, Luton and Stevenage.