Assessment, consent and the transplant operation

In order to be registered onto the kidney transplant list at Addenbrooke’s Hospital you must first be properly assessed ...

After a kidney transplant

After the kidney transplant has been carried out you will usually return to the transplant ward. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to be looked after in intensive care ...

Waiting on the national list for a kidney

Because of the shortage of organ donors, patients wait an average of 2–3 years for a transplant. Find out more ...

Possible complications

Although kidney transplantation is a very successful treatment for kidney failure, complications can occur. Minimise the risks by following instructions carefully ...

Living kidney donors

We support anyone who may be considering donating a kidney to a family member, relative, friend or stranger...

Patient stories and support

Read about the experiences of patients who have had a kidney transplant.


Dr Nicholas Torpey

Clinical Director of Transplant Services
Dr Nick Torpey
Kidney transplantation is performed on those patients who have chronic or end stage renal disease requiring artificial kidney support. Addenbrooke's is a regional centre for kidney transplantation.

In 1966 Sir Roy Calne performed the first kidney transplant in Cambridge. By 2014, some 3500 kidney transplants later, Cambridge has become one of the largest transplant centres in the UK, providing transplant services for much of the East of England and beyond. The kidney transplant program includes an expanding number of living donor transplants, routine use of laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy, and antibody incompatible transplantation. Addenbrooke’s has developed the largest program in the UK using kidneys retrieved from donors following cardiac death (DCD donors), and has one of the shortest waiting times for deceased donor transplantation in the country.

The first kidney transplant at Addenbrooke's hospital took place in 1966, since then, over 3500 kidney transplants have been performed in the hospital.

Kidney transplantation is performed for patients with end stage renal disease who are either on dialysis or close to starting dialysis. Patients are referred to the Addenbrooke’s team by their own Nephrologist. We have close links with the Renal Units in Stevenage, Norwich, Ipswich, Chelmsford and Colchester, although the Addenbrooke’s team is happy to accept referrals from all over the UK.


More information on our performance as a kidney transplant centre can be found on the Organ Donation and Transplantation website: